According to data released on Friday, consumer price index (CPI)-based inflation reached 21.3 percent on an annual basis in June 2022, up from an increase of 13.8 percent the previous month and 9.7 percent in June 2021, as rising commodity costs and a weaker rupee hurt the local economy.

Months after rolling over a USD 4.5 billion loan that was scheduled to be repaid this year, China has raced to help Pakistan once more by providing USD 2.5 billion in assistance to support the rapidly declining foreign exchange reserves of its cash-strapped all-weather partner.

Despite ongoing talks between Islamabad and the International Monetary Fund (IMF) to recommence the USD 6 billion rescue package from the IMF, Pakistan is on the edge of bankruptcy as the country's economic status is facing a dismal future with no immediate bright outlook.

In order to increase revenue as it works to complete a bailout agreement with the International Monetary Fund, Pakistan presented a number of proposed new taxes across broad swaths of the economy, including an additional one-time "super" levy on large enterprises.

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Entrepreneurship in Islam

Religiosity is an element that one envisions through his heart, his conscience's vibrations and his particular attitude. The religious beliefs of people impact their various facets of life along with their living standards.

A typical Mullah mindset always lied to us that poverty is the symbol of Prophets and it is wrong to be rich in Islam. Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) said, "Prevent yourself from poverty as it takes you to the level of Shirk."

The art of effective communication stems from the understanding of the ideas being shared regardless of the mode, channels or the philosophy if it can be understood the job is done!

Work Patiently!

It may sound orthodox but the truth is that “Patience is the virtue”, particularly in startups. Running a startup is not for the faint hearted, and not for the impatient either.

Starting a Business

Pakistan is producing some of the brightest minds and most innovative ideas, globally. The ready and cheap availability of a young and …

New Ways To Make Money 20 Business Ideas For Starting Your Own Service Business.

If you need tools or a vehicle to get your company off the ground the bank or investor will need to see that you have a realistic and profitable plan in place before they part with money. 

Folks, there is no such thing as internet money. Sadly, the Internet doesn’t shower money by participating in schemes or making a one time investment with guaranteed lifetime payout.

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Growing a Business

Being seen and being noticed in any marketplace is challenging enough. However, when you are in the technology marketplace and you are trying to market your tech brand, what routes do you take, and why?

We use the phrase ‘Dream Team’ a lot in business but what does it mean? It is about having a group of capable employees, the right management, or the right organizational culture? Or is there some other force that works well to maintain the good reputation of the organization? Having dedicated teams are one of the most important components of a business.

Let’s bust the biggest myth right in the beginning The people in selling jobs are not the ONLY sales people BUT we all are SALESPERSON! Yes, in which ever role we are, we are selling! It could be our ideas, our worth, our product, our services, our intentions, our care, our empathy, our concepts, our presence etc

Is Customer A Monster?

Pain..Headache..Tiring..Irritating... these are some of the unconscious words that come to the minds of service teams when they think of a customer.

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The importance of a person’s body language can never be underestimated. This is the non-verbal communication that we use all the time in our society as well as in professional life

Maintaining a healthy work-life balance is vital not just for your employees’ health and relationships, but also for their productivity and, ultimately, their performance.

Ever heard of the circus elephant analogy? For the benefit of those who have not, it’s about a circus elephant tied to a stake.

Food That Helps Your Brain

As a scientific fact, our brain contributes to only 2% of our body weight but it absorbs 20% of our total calorie intake. To function properly, it needs a constant supply of glucose and fat.

Success Stories

It all started when I was in 7th grade. I always wanted to start my own business with my friends so we can be together for work and fun.

When I reflect upon my past it does not have any extraordinary element to it. I lived in a small-town Allahabad, Bahawalpur, and was never one of those children who knew their ambitions from a young age.

Story of RINSTRA goes back to 2007 when a group of Pakistani expatriates from USA started a volunteer organization called DICE - Distinguished Innovations, Collaboration and Entrepreneurship. Mission of DICE is to create a culture of innovation, entrepreneurship and indigenous products in Pakistan. In order to achieve this goal DICE has been working closely with academia, industry and government for the last 14 years and has established the largest innovation ecosystem across the country from Karachi to Chitral.

Writing is my passion and I have been writing since 2013 for various print and digital media platforms. In the beginning, everybody asked how I started the venture. Well, it’s a long debate. In 2013, I was doing Masters in Education, and at that time, I had no idea of writing blogs. 

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