This is true that we are dwelling in a competitive era where we have a lot of things to do and simultaneously our mind is occupied with multiple thoughts as well. In this way, it is certainly not an easy task to estimate and manage exact expenses and overall budget. So, bookkeeping of your finances, expenses/budget management has always been a mandatory part of life. It’s an appropriate way to organize your finances, but it is really hard when you do it manually with the help of pen and paper. It is quite frustrating. Isn’t it? Don’t worry, because technology is in your hands. There are several apps that you can use to manage your expenses in a faster way. Sounds pretty amazing? These apps help to identify spending issues, waste of money, track your expenses, avoid fines, and organize the budget as well. Hence, it tells you where
your money is going.
There are two types of budget apps. The first is the budget tracker app which helps you to know about the budgets along with taxes, and it tells you how much money you spend on a lot of stuff. And the other one is the expense tracker app which helps you to know about all of your expenses such as utilities, bills, and others. Both are crucial but hard to manage manually. But technology made it easy and blessed with plenty of applications that we can use for free.

As you can see the name suggests its use. The app is much simpler for budgeting which provides you cross-platform support so that you can use it on various platforms such as Android, Web, and iOS as well. It also concerns privacy to keep your data confidential through its sync function. More than that, it has also an expense tracker so that you can track your income, bills, and much more. Besides, it gives you an option to export your data as a CSV file, QFX (for Quicken), and OFX (Microsoft Money) in case you need that. Some of the main features are free.

It is one of the best and simpler apps that you can use to manage and organize your expenses quickly. It has a lot of features including currency support, a built-in calculator along with password protection, dropbox integration, widgets, and many more. Its user interface is quite complex that you need to learn first. Once you understand, then it will be easy to use. The app is available in free version.

My Budget Book comes with features along with categories. It helps you to know about the money you spend on your stuff such as; clothes, entertainment and many more. More than that, it offers you 100% offline support, no advertising, no in-app purchases, along other customization tools. Overall, it is convenient to use but the only drawback is that it is not available in the free version.

The app works efficiently with the help of various features. It helps you to manage your budget simply and quickly. The features include multiple accounts, planning for future expenses, and you can check complete history of your actions. Its material design interface is good and easy to use. The app offers a bunch of customization options. The app is available in both free and paid versions. So, you can try it for free as well. Once you know the basic functionalities of the app, you can jump to its paid version and explore the other benefits.

Wallet is a multitasker which helps you to track your overall finance and also allows you to make a budget planner as well. The app provides you a sync feature to secure your data and transactions and records etc. It also comes with a feature of account sharing with a person you want such as an accountant. The other features include multiple currencies, cloud syncing, warranty tracking, templates, shopping lists, and also support export files of any format. It is entirely free so you can try it.

Through this app, you can check your balance, summary of your recent transactions. Pay bills online, transfer money, and more. This app works well along with its features. However, some of the apps have more advanced functions, but it is one of the best apps for basic budgeting. The app has a good user interface. You can use this app for free.

Expensify comes with outstanding features which help you to manage your day-to-day expenses more simply. The app offers you limited services in its free version, while you can avail its other advanced services in the paid version. In the free version, you can scan up to 10 receipts a month and you can scan unlimitedly in the paid version. More than that, you can import your financial information from bank accounts, credit cards, track expenses by distances covered using GPS. The most striking feature is that all of your data is encrypted. So, don’t think too much, and just download the app to use its free version.

You can easily register your expenses through this app. The app can get an overview of spending money with the help of graphs and filters. More than that, it offers you a feature of importing and exporting your data from mobile to PC and importing your file into Spreadsheet or Excel as well. This is one of the best options with all the necessary functions that you can use conveniently. Your money management needs are unique, so you can apply your own formulas to the Excel file and then customize the options according to your financial needs. So, just download the app, and give it a try. The pro version removes the ads as well as enables more useful tagging features.

This one is like a virtual wallet which works as other similar apps do. It is a budget tracker which helps you to save your money quickly and easily. You can use this app on Android and iOS as well because it has a feature of cross-platform. The app gives you a better experience with overall control of your expenses, income, and spending every day which helps you to save your money as well. The app comes with a friendly user interface so you won’t feel bored while doing tasks. The app is entirely free. So, just download the app.

This is the last app in our list which we found best. The app supports cross-platform so that you can use it on Android and iOS devices as well. It has a lot of similar features to other budgets/ expenses trackers have. The app allows you to manage your budget, monthly spending, your whole finances, supports currency converter, and much more. It is a complete pack of budget, expense tracker, and a planner. The best thing is that it is entirely free to use. You can try it. Mobile applications have made our lives very easy. They are capable of helping you to manage practically every aspect of your life, from grocery shopping and calling friends
to getting work done and planning your next adventure as well as your financial life.