Are you passionate about starting your own business to work from home? Do you have skills but don’t know from where and how to start? Or are you still looking for a great business idea to start with? If yes… then this article would surely help you to know about 11 business ideas with no or low investment in 2022.

Since the emergence of the coronavirus outbreak, the world has become digitalized. The majority of business owners, small and large organizations have converted their business models into an online business model which is one of the best models to start a small business in 2022. Before moving with any business idea, here I would like to tell you that having a profound knowledge, command over the subject matter, passion, patience, and consistency is the key to lasting success. The next step is that you need to do a bit of research about the scope and demand of your business idea. So, the best way to become an entrepreneur is to come up with a sustainable business idea. Yes… Inspiration is all you need as it takes time to grow. At this point, I would suggest you consider the new normal before executing any business idea.

Think and re-think until you see how things evolve over the next 12 months or more. For your ease, here I’ve shared these 15 business ideas that will help you start and grow a successful business by working from home. These are the best ideas through which you can start your business with no or low investment. Sounds interesting? Let’s examine!


Online Teaching and Training is not just one of the best business ideas, yet the most preferred on the list these days. For starting your online setup, you just need to have a grip on your subject matter and its outcomes so that you can grab attention. Secondly, all you need to have a laptop with a good internet connection and mic. This way, you can start conducting lectures and trainings on a diverse range of topics. Also, you can teach online different subjects to the primary, secondary, higher secondary, and university students as well. This business idea requires zero investment if you already have tech gadgets, such as; android phone, laptop, mic, and webcam. But if you haven’t, then this would be just a one-time investment to start your online setup.


Online Book-keeping is another top priority these days. Many account experts are offering their services online to small and large organizations. Then why not you? If you are a professional accountant or a bookkeeper, then you should go for it. This is a fact that maintaining or record-keeping almost everything at the workplace is so hard, be it in-house or online. Many business owners look for experts to do this task. Similar to online teaching & training, you just have to buy a laptop to start your own setup. Secondly, you just have to be good at accounting. You can take online courses to learn accounting. See… How interesting it is to start an online business with just the help of your mind and skills.


Having a mellifluous voice is bliss. People are lending their voice to many projects, be it YouTube videos, animated video series, recorded lectures, or whatnot. Nowadays, everyone has an online presence, and you can see people are busy starting their own YouTube channels. So, that’s the reason, this is a high priority of every single employer or YouTuber to have a great voiceover artist in their contacts. So, if you have a good voice, and if you are a bilingual or multi-lingual person, then you can start your career by lending your voice to various projects. And yes, you can do it from home as well as it requires no investment.


Another best choice is ‘Freelance Copywriting’ services that you can offer online to all small and large business owners. If you are an avid social media user, you have seen that there is a number of small business owners who are running and managing their brands but don’t know how to sell and increase their sales. At this point, a copywriter can do wonders and help them to increase their sales by producing engaging and appealing content. If you are good at writing and producing marketing or promotional copy effectively, then this idea will surely work for you. This requires no investment. If you have a laptop and an android phone, you can easily take a baby step and offer these services online.


Offering translation services online is one of the best opt[1]ions. If you are good at translating content English into Urdu or Urdu into English or any language, then this business idea works well for you. All you need, have a skill and then you can do everything by yourself. Translators are in high demand these days. Its preferable to provide translation services in your local language.


Digital Marketing is another wider field through which you can start earning by working from home. You can offer your services to small and large organizations, if you are good at running Facebook, Instagram, Google, and LinkedIn’s paid advertisement campaigns. Secondly, if you are an expert in managing and handling social media handles, then this would be another choice to offer services to small business owners. It doesn’t require any kind of investment.


Graphic Designing is a field which has a broader scope, be it in-house or online, professional graphic designers are in demand. So, if you are good at operating graphic designing software & tools, and if you are creative and don’t have designing skills, just learn Canva and start editing templates. You can design logos, flyers, social media posters, social media posts, letterheads, visiting cards, e-certificates, newsletters and what not.

8. Content Writing

Freelance Content Writing is one of the top-rated choices which is good for all those who have good writing skills. Yes… If you are a passionate writer and you write as a hobby, then don’t waste your time and turn it into a passive income. With the help of your writing skills, you can produce any kind of content, such as; social media content, blogs, articles, features, business profiles, business models, marketing content, web pages and web content. A huge scope of this field and it offers you a variety of opportunities as a freelancer.


Journalism is a quite different field but it has come up with boundless opportunities for young aspiring and emerging journalists. Not only this, but it offers various opportunities for content writers as well. Yes… You heard that right. If you are good at producing content, you can work as an online news writer for online media houses. It doesn’t require investment.


Career Counseling is another top-picks. There is a wider scope of this field as a large number of people are unaware of their work opportunities. Even people are confused about choosing their major subject to specialize in, and they are unable to decide the right career path for themselves. At this point, all they need is good career guidance to help start their career according to their qualification and skills. This requires low investment as you should have a certification in this particular field.


Email Marketing is another best choice for those who are good in email writing. It is considered as one of the demanding and effective marketing strategies used by both small and large business giants. To pursue this as an online business, you can join traditional freelance platforms, such as; Upwork, Fiverr, PeoplePerHour, and many others. You can start this with no investment and offer your services online at a lower cost. Once you start earning with the help of your skills, you can gradually increase your rates. There are plenty of online courses to learn email marketing.