Is Customer A Monster?

Pain..Headache..Tiring..Irritating… these are some of the unconscious words that come to the minds of service teams when they think of a customer. For years we have been talking about PAIN POINTS of customers but in the process of making customers the KING, it has become a MONSTER in the minds of people dealing with them. The quest of making them happy and satisfied has blurred the bottom line of customer service i.e OWNING THE CUSTOMER LIKE A CEO. What difference would it make when a customer care representative will start acting like a CEO? 

CEO clearly knows that customer is the most important person in the company, more than himself. He considers customers as a blessing, not a hassle

CEO believes in giving not only excellent customer service but an excellent customer EXPERIENCE 

CEO is able to connect to the BIG Picture during every interaction and situation with a customer and thus making it more meaningful 

Taking ownership like a CEO is just a shift of a paradigm and organizations where front-line teams practice this has seen unbelievable success. We can only associate powerful words when we think of a customer while stepping in the shoes of a CEO. This change is bound to bring an extraordinary experience for customers