The ‘C’ Of Confidence

\”I AM THE GREATEST; I said that even before I knew I was”. Muhammad Ali 

The confident attitude or the self-esteem of the legendary boxer was definitely one of the factors for him becoming the best. Self-belief in the skills and abilities is the first step towards greatness. This also outlines the difference between self-confidence and self-esteem, while the latter is more of your own sense of value i.e. self-worth. They both go hand in hand; you believe or value yourself that helps you believe in your abilities, while the belief in your abilities will help you to recognize your own worth and value. However, this impromptu arrangement of thoughts is to admire the richness and the incredible dynamics of the letter C in the word Confidence. The letter C itself is a wonderful letter (more discussion in my upcoming book), however here I take it as setting the tone to Being Confident and defining the steps towards Being Great. Let’s see what other words act as stimulants for our understanding of being Confident… “Besides pride, loyalty, discipline, heart, and mind; confidence is the key to all the locks.” Joe Paterno 

Your choice to adopt and keep the attitude that you are the best will make you more positive towards any situation. This choice of positive attitude will make you believe in your inherent values and hence the To-Do attitude that will help you accomplish your goals. 

Your impulse and desire to control the fears and doubts give you the inner strength to start valuing your abilities and hence more emotional control on your reactions to failures, fear, and anxiety. 

Create and design small goals. They will help you gain self-confidence and with a sense of enhanced intrinsic value, move to bigger goals and achievements. Create a confident attitude of trust and firm focus towards your goal. Keep your focus on your abilities and strengths. 

You must celebrate small achievements and success cultivating your belief in your own worth. 

Build and develop trust with people around you by connecting with them. Spend time with them and listen to them with passion. Their trust and belief in you and your abilities will enhance your self-assurance. 

Challenge your own greatness and accept the challenges. Compete with self-directed goals or imposed on you both directly or indirectly. Success or failure; both will work for you favorably as the outcome will induce you re-align your belief and worth. 

The trust and faith you have exhibited in perceptive to the above will make you credible. Your competence accustomed with confidence has shown others that you are dependable and sincere, and this credibility of you in yourself makes you more Confident.