A Wonder Woman For Women

Erum Masood was favored to be called more as a People’s Person for sorting out various philanthropy occasions and turning into a good example for some by rehearsing herself as a PR Consultant for over 15 years. 

A British-Pakistani, an influential professional, and an astute businesswoman 

SuperWomen Do Exist. Erum is the eldest of all her siblings and takes after her mom in being that strong-headed but soft-hearted individual. She studied and achieved her degree of BA (honors) from the University of Karachi and then continued her education at East Imperial College London by doing her BBA. This is where her passion for entrepreneurship and start-ups began. Her education has bought about his genuine motivation for startup businesses. She teaches advancing and self-promoting methods to students on a national and global level. Erum is amongst the people who are quietly encouraging women and young entrepreneurs into achieving their potential. 

Erum Masood is a dynamic entrepreneur and energetic mentor. She is a peoples’ person working for the betterment of women at an international level. She is the advisor for Asia for the Commonwealth Business Women’s Network. At the recent Commonwealth Businesswomen’s Network program she appreciated the efforts of CBW, “Opportunities need to be seen secured and sustained to accelerate and accentuate support for trade-related capacity-building programs, such as those of CBW on procurement, entrepreneurship, and women on boards and women’s engagement with international markets.” As a Pakistani, she has invested years of her life teaching entrepreneurship, mentoring young entrepreneurs, and developing the entrepreneurial culture in Pakistan focusing on youth and promoting them. 

They say the greatest mentors are those who inspire. And that is how she has helped those around her to achieve not only their goals but also fulfilling their potential. She offers training courses to aspiring entrepreneurs, empowering them to start and run their own businesses. Focusing on the future of works and is teaching a self-developed curriculum on entrepreneurship under the title of ‘Fortune 101’ at the Indus Valley School of Arts, Karachi. She offers training to entrepreneurs in Incubation Programs like RISE, DICE and is the mastermind behind the PINE Incubation Program that is based on the Commonwealth’s Youth Entrepreneurship Policy. On a personal level Erum has enabled 9 start-ups since 2017 into becoming independent and successful ventures. 

She has helped more than 18 startups, empowering them to start from scratch and enabling them by mentoring them with her expertise. She has set up her own start-up based on her career expertise; Shajar Management Consultant (SMC). SMC is a start-up consultancy firm for Marketing Media and PR. To SMC Erum brings her vast media marketing, media adviser, and marketing consulting experience. Erum has years of experience in PR, Media, and Marketing. She has been a PR consultant for over 15 years. She is an incredibly engaging speaker and has participated in various TV shows. She is known as the star representative at the House of Commons for women’s development. 

She was a moderator for women on International’s Girls Child Day 2017. On a corporate level, she believes in Enhanced Productivity, Performance, Social adequacy, and Progressive Team Work. As the CEO of SMC, the profundity of her knowledge in PR, wide relationship with the professional community, and Marketing expertise make a perfect combination for success. Under her leadership, SMC as a company is already growing and catering to local and international brands. 

She was invited by Usman Dar to the Kamayab Jawan Launch as a representative of SMC and the Commonwealth at the Prime Minister’s Kamiyab Jawan Campaign invited by Special Assistant to PM on Youth Affairs. Her performance in the corporate sector and in public service has earned her numerous awards which include the award for Jury Education, she recently also received an award from the WWF summit for a green Pakistan. She got the Sindh Cultural Award for promoting Sindhi Arts and Culture. She was also awarded the Madison’s Who’s Who. She was the Guest speaker at Brunei’s First Youth conference. 

Erum is a philanthropist and a people person. It is her belief that women should empower women. Women have the power to build each other up. “The best lady is somebody who engages other ladies.”- She says. She preaches all her female students to support each other. She guides and committedly mentors young women and is a noteworthy coach for Pakistani females. She was highlighted as a Woman of Talent in 2016 and has been chosen for Pond’s Miracle Women in Pakistan. She is also an active advocate for a noteworthy cause, ‘Think Pink’ which is an Awareness Campaign for Breast Cancer.