Economic Jihad By Positive Pakistanis

Imagine you are living in a 67-year-old house and everybody around you keeps telling you that your house is not that great because it lacks this or it lacks that and suddenly some old man comes into your house and tells you that there is a treasure buried in your backyard. You become reluctant but start digging anyway. And to your own surprise, you realize that yes there is a huge treasure in your own backyard. A treasure that can cure all your worldly ills. 

A treasure that will help you live your life much comfortably than you could have ever imagined. It will give you the courage to take on the biggest of the problems in your life. You will be able to face difficulties with ease and come out as a winner. Not only will you use that treasure for yourself, but you will also be able to help others and make their lives comfortable as well. 

Now broaden your imagination and think of that house as your character and that treasure that you found has positivity, tenacity, optimism, resilience, and faith in ALLAH. YES. Every Pakistani is that house and each one has a treasure buried in their character. The only problem is that we neither look for that treasure as a Pakistani nor do we believe that we all have those jewels of character in our treasures. But let me shed some light on that. 

An average Pakistani compared to its western counterpart is a million times stronger than he realizes. A westerner grows up in peace. Everything for that child who is born in a western country is already planned out with ease. He or she will go to the school in the district that he is living in. Excellent primary education is paid for by the state. Excellent secondary education as well. Healthcare, parks, museums, culture, entertainment. No stress. Go to university when you graduate from High School. 

If you can not afford a university, there are Federal Grants, student loans, Scholarships ready to pay for your educational expenses. You graduate and in most cases, there is a job ready for you. Salary may differ but the chances are that the job will be there for you. Once you have a job, banks will finance your car, your house, you’re traveling through credit cards. You get married, move to a suburb live a normal life. But compared to its western counterpart, A Pakistani, especially if you were born in the past 30 years. You are born in upheaval. Terrorism. Murders. Corruption. Religious bigotry. Nepotism. 

The media is full of negativity. No Role Models. Least amount of entertainment. No Parks Museums, Theaters, Restaurants within the economic reach of a common man. Education with different social classes and economic classes. No jobs after education. No loans for education. No bank financing a house even if you have a great job. No credit cards for bad times in an emergency. None of this. YET you as a Pakistani still pursue your educational goals. You still look forward to a decent life. 

You still continue to forge ahead even after knowing that there will be a lot of injustice that you will have to face in life. You still get married knowing that your children will not have the basic rights given to them, such as healthcare, education, a fair chance to succeed. You do all this with a smile. And rarely complain. You provide for your family. You remain closely knit with your neighbors and your relatives. You celebrate the smallest of a happy occasion. You have immense faith when you leave your house every morning that your life is in the hands of your creator. You pray, you have your faith intact in ALLAH. 

You are already a winner as a Pakistani. You are The Positive Pakistani who can teach the world a thing or two about life and optimism. You are that person who can show the world how to live under such circumstances and still have a smile on your face. You are that pillar of strength that the west writes books about in the form of self-help. You are that person who positivity gurus want others to become like. 

You are a Positive Pakistani. You are an amazing human being. You are the picture of resilience, tenacity, courage, character, bravery and humility. Be proud of who you are. You are the person who has built his character through real jihad, Jihad ul Nafs (Battle To Fight Evils Within Your Mind). The highest of Jihads in Islam. I salute you, I salute the common people of Pakistan. You are my teachers.