The Brain Behind DBTV The Most Innovative Media Outfit

On starting your own web-tv: I believe the biggest opportunity is that there are no barriers to entry unlike in traditional media. If you have self believe and the audience likes you, all you need is a will, access to the internet, and a mobile phone camera. 

The business has predominantly been real estate building and development, however, in the recent past, we have diversified into the fields of logistics, tech startups, and media. 

The world is moving towards different information and content consumption pattern with examples such as Netflix disrupting the market. So a medium which kept the current tech advancements and consumer behaviors in mind led to web and digital being the mediums of our channel. 

I believe there were gaps in the particular domain of news and current affairs, a large part of the audience in Pakistan only had the option of a hand full of satellite channels and few individuals were dominating the information space. Web TV is the new digital space that is open to not just the audience but also content and program creators. Besides, we felt it important for the youth to get a new perspective on issues of news and current affairs. 

The Idea to start Pakistan’s first digital tv channel “Digital Broadcasting TV (DBTV)” came in December 2017. I realized that Pakistan is currently is facing a youth bulge that is not only devoid of entertainment but is also having a hard time differentiating between facts and fiction. 

I believe this initiative will not just be sustainable and viable going forward, but it also provides an opportunity to empower the people around it, be it our audience who get a new fresh, and different perspective than the traditional media or be it our producers who get to present facts and events with editorial freedom. The best part is that this space is continuously evolving and one must keep up the pace to match the change that is happening every day. This is a two-way communication channel and if the audience doesn’t like a show you will know and have to adapt, unlike the satellite transmission where there is the one size fits all model. 

There are multiple revenue streams available for any digital media outlet which includes: 

  • Advertisements
  • Digital Media Marketing 
  • DB Production Services 
  • Monetization from AdSense & Facebook
    However we are still experimenting with new shows and ways to present our content so focus right now is to hit the right formula. 

I believe the biggest one is that there are no barriers to entry unlike in traditional media. If they have self believe and the audience likes them all they need is will and a mobile phone camera. 

I know that sharing knowledge and transparency will enhance the credibility of DBTV’s journalism values. Therefore, DBTV plans to train more than 10,000 journalists in the coming year. With the switch to the digital transformation of media, DBTV.Live endeavors to induct citizens of Pakistan in a new domain of Media Entrepreneurship (a.k.a Media preneurship) as a part of our Corporate strategy. In our first round, we are engaging the youth between the ages of 18-26 years who are currently enrolled in Higher Education in Pakistan. The vital objective is to conduct this training for the university students who are graduating with degrees in Masscom & Journalism, however, students from other disciplines are always interested in learning this new skill and they have been facilitated at our studio. Mobile Journalism (MOJO) will enable students to work on their own, while students can enjoy creativity and ease of capturing being their own boss. Learning Mobile Journalism using the simplest equipment and delivering the task with minimum resources at the shortest possible time will make the MOJO practitioners the leading human resource for the media industry in the coming days. 

Simply because people resist acceptance of change, I think the bird is out of the cage and it’s only a matter of time when all media outlets realize the content consumption has moved to the digital landscape and that’s where the next battle of channels will be. 

I think both, but more important is that these two, passion and belief are the aspects that play a very important role. People might not be as encouraging but one must also be persistent. 

Oh.. I’m still struggling with this one haha… I think it’s very very important to have a work-life balance and for that one must prioritize and draw lines not to cross, however when an entrepreneur is very passionate about his work, it sometimes gets in the way of having that balance. 

By going back to why I started, the end goal, always must keep the destination in mind and realign when doubts and fears come. They always come but one must be certain of the end result and be persistent. 

I think somewhere deep down everyone idealizes their parents and guardians and I too have grown up seeing my father not only achieve so many milestones but also be so humble and had abilities to deal with challenging situations with poise and composure. 

Having moved abroad for my undergrad and post-grad education and living and working with people there, the biggest challenge I faced upon return was the difference in work culture and resistance to change. People generally do not accept a change here, until its too late. I\’ve found the best way to overcome these or any other obstacles has been to be persistent, as long as it doesn’t clash with your priorities you must keep knocking on the door, and eventually it will open. 

I think diversification when I joined the family business after completing my studies we were majorly venturing into real estate and academics, however in my 4 years since joining we have ventured into logistics, tech startups, media and are planning to enter health care in the near future. 

I believe the team is the most important aspect and key to success for any business. As an individual, I always like my own space to myself however a skilled and motivated team can not only execute the vision efficiently but also bring value in areas you overlook from time to time. 

I think we have had our share of testing and putting different content presentations to test, this year going forward we would like to focus on our maximum reach and creating a network of journalists, students, and reporters to provide us with unique and decent content from all across the country. 

Just go for it, I don’t think the world has decoded what would work for sure on this medium. Sometimes things that you completely disregard get great appreciation from the audience and vice versa. Number two is to be patient and be flexible in the approach. This is an ever-evolving medium and one must keep learning and adapting every day to become and stay successful in the profession. 

I think for all entrepreneurs and aspiring entrepreneurs, a lot of barriers and fears are self-created in the mind, if you really believe you are an entrepreneur and want to be one, you have to take the plunge, you have to take risks, not gamble but researched and calculated risks. All entrepreneurs must be prepared for failure, multiple failures, lessons, and then success. The most successful businessmen today have a list of failures behind them, there is immense struggle involved but in the end, you must know your end goal and why you began, if that’s strong you will forever be motivated and like I said earlier also keep knocking and the door will eventually open.