From MCGILL To Selling Briyani

Entrepreneurship and the concept of self-reliance is something leading business schools to propagate but our society is yet to accept the possibility of success. Kamal, a success story in the corporate world reached out and won the world of self-reliance as well! So, let\’s know about the trained fellow from McGill selling homemade biryani in the Blue Area of Islamabad.

This is a story about a man who had been blessed with everything. He was highly educated by the likes of LUMS and McGill. He was earning in a day what successful people earned in a month. Yet, in his heart of hearts, he knew his purpose lay unfulfilled. He had grown up with a bright and curious mind for him the horizons were always visible with endless possibilities. All through his life, he was always dreaming big and praying to Allah for even bigger things to come to pass. 

Kamal was living the life! He worked as a corporate leader a CEO in the private sector; he was at the secretarial level in the Government and served as a member of the board for some very successful names. He was earning in a day what the mighty earn in a month and his lifestyle was lavish and relaxed. He kept pursuing the light of education and developing himself all to get a better job as he quoted in a conversation. 

Then came the test of time. His glamourous came crashing to the ground. The earnings and spending seized, and times took a difficult turn. But this man of steel did not see this as a time of the test. Kamal quoted, this was the time when Allah was preparing him for his true calling. He always believed that his life meant more than just simply working better jobs and earning more and more money. The turn of time came as a reminder of this very concept. Kamal continued to apply for jobs and looked for employment. Despite his education and stellar credentials, his search ended in vain. On paper, he was one of the most capable candidates around – yet the times that came saw him unemployed. However, now that he looks back, he thanks all those who refused him a job as they contributed to his enterprising mind, finally taking flight. 

When all went dark, he went back to the basics. He began to rely on his very strengths, with minimum reliance on all others. He and along with his wife, whom he terms as his very backbone, began their own enterprise. She began to cook Biryani, a national favorite and Kamal harnessed his marketing abilities, education, and experience. He loaded his car with the boxes of biryani with a few condiments and set out to the busiest of the places in Islamabad The Blue Area. There he set up his sales point. He would begin his workday with prayer and then distribute some alms to the needy. He would then call out to the passers-by, yell out to the people parking their cars, and begin to sell the food. Soon enough the business began to take momentum. His phone began to ring nonstop with the clients waiting for him to reach his sale point. And thus, life began to hold meaning again for Kamal and his family. 

He claims he has never been happier in his life with the freedom that this life offers now. He relies on himself and his wife. They have the liberty of working when they need and taking days off when they have worked hard enough. He is not dependent on any workforce but only on his and his wife\’s skills and Allah\’s blessed help. 

When asked where he saw his business going forward, Kamal said, he wishes to become a source of inspiration for the people out there. He wants to contribute to the people who are looking to make an honest living. Even now, so many people come to him and ask for guidance and suggest making it on their own in these highly competitive times. He wishes to matter to people in improving their lives and not simply making money. 

Kamal’s story is a capital example of the very spirit of entrepreneurship to create a living out of strengths and build on their capabilities. His work process is simple and easy to replicate on a daily basis. His output is concrete, and he is drawing benefits both extrinsic and intrinsic. We can replicate his simple theory, work on our strengths, rely on our faith in Allah, and keep on going!