NIC Islamabad’s Success Story

Slosh Ai Solutions – A Healthcare Tech Startup (The Success Story of the NIC Islamabad Slosh AI Solutions is a healthcare technology startup)

I believe that the only person who can stop you from succeeding is you, yourself. If you are motivated, work hard, and are honest, nothing can stop you from success. 

In June 2018, I lost a very close family member “Dr. Rasheda Jabeen” in the fight against cancer. She was a microbiologist and was serving the country with her services and inventions. Our family went through a lot of suffering during that period. The worst suffering was losing her that early. At that time I realized that there are so many loopholes in our healthcare systems that need to be addressed. That was my motivation for starting my own company named SLOSH AI Solutions. I am an Electrical Engineer by profession and people sometimes get surprised to hear that I never did any job before starting my own company. I remember before getting incubated at National Incubation Center (NIC), Islamabad, I used to go to people and tell them about my idea, and people used to laugh or degrade the thought of a tech company that was started by a woman with no prior experience and funding. 

When I got incubated at NIC, my greatest fear was what if I do not succeed? I was given so much motivation from the very start at NIC. Within one year of my incubation at NIC, I have won 3 different competitions and also participated in various coverages, festivals, and trainings. I have met and talked to people from different genres with so much experience. I believe that the only person who can stop you from succeeding is you, yourself. If you are motivated, work hard, and are honest, nothing can stop you from success. You will find people aligned with your vision and you will succeed. But that all comes with Grit and consistency of not quitting and keeping going. 

SLOSH AI Solutions is working on developing intelligent reading and reporting tools for medical imaging and diagnostics. In Pakistan, for a population of 220 million people, there are only 1200 Radiologists (Radiological society of Pakistan). These radiologists are working day and night to cater to the high load of imaging each day but delays and missed diagnoses occur despite their dedication and efforts. Our tools will help these radiologists and doctors in managing their load. We are developing state-of-the-art machine learning tools to reshape the healthcare system of Pakistan. We cannot solve the health crisis of Pakistan just by increasing the medical task force. The management is required through enabling technologies to change the healthcare infrastructure of Pakistan. 

When I started working as a founder with no prior experience in business, I faced so many hurdles. People could not even accept the thought of having a tech entrepreneur as a female. I had to work harder to get my place. I remember one of my mentors taught me that your work will one day show that you are dedicated and then people will stop noticing your gender when they will see your work. In this small year of work, I was able to win 3 competitions in a row which includes Standard chartered women in tech grants and the National Hepatitis C hackathon. 

Success is a result of continuous effort. If you are persistent, you will get it but if you are consistent you will keep it.