Trusting Writerland

MUHAMMAD ZULKARNEYN Founder & CEO Trusting Writerland 

When I started my micro-agency, which is now Trusting Writerland I thought it wouldn’t be difficult but it turned out to be a game of nerves for me. I didn’t find the suitable intellectual capital to manage my agency as I have to serve not only local but international clients too. Initially, I handled every department even customer support myself. Later on, I started the hiring process as the work which I was doing was different, this is because there were no people who were doing copywriting professionally. To cater above issues, I started training my teammates to match the level I wanted them to excel at. We started our agency based on ONE service that is our flagship Amazon Irresistible Listings and product descriptions and now All praise to GOD we are offering a wide range of services under one roof. 

Elon Musk once said, “When something is important enough, you do it even if the odds are not in your favor”. I live by this Motto. Before sharing our even and odds of our business, let’s unveil what exactly is WRITERLAND. 

WRITERLAND is a unique kind of content and marketing agency. A company ready to disrupt with that little something extra, created from the combined expertise of Top-notch Copywriters and E-commerce disruptors with a team based on shamrock structure. The team operates from Karachi, Antalya, and Tokyo. This is how we are leaving our prints globally. We help B2B and B2C companies of all sizes generate sales leads and E-commerce revenue with our powerful copy. We are original, fearless, and independent. Sit back and focus on what really matters to you while WRITERLAND infuses an in-depth look at your brand using SEO-proven creative copywriting and spunky marketing all lump into one all-inclusive package. And we believe, if your clients smile, so do you. This is how we turn conversations into conversions and write profits for you. 

Trust me, Success requires forbearance and perseverance. I’m happy to share that our team made significant success in this. Right now, just from crispy and crunchy product descriptions and listings, we have managed to cross $1500-2000$. I know it’s a mild success but we are happy. You might be thinking it’s a fallacy. Not at all, here is the detailed number crunching. We charge for an average listing between $200-300 and in the month we close almost 8-10 clients. This is just data from Product descriptions in a crux, I would say in a Pakistani style “daal roti chal rahe hai” 

My future plan is to make Trusting Writerland a professional copywriting agency in Pakistan and also leave its prints behind globally, I know this can not be achieved in a day but with my hustle and persistence, I will make it a big brand soon. I want every Pakistani brand to give WRITERLAND an opportunity to handle its brand reputation. Don’t underestimate the power of strong copy. Trust me, only words can make your brand stand out from others. Let me remind my masses and classes of our country. We at Writerland, have the potency to write profits for your business. Being a founder, I have heavily invested in myself and my team. I’m officially a Certified Conversion Copywriter from COPY HACKERS. At last, I would say it’s time to uplift your local talent and time to trust your vibes by TRUSTING WRITERLAND.