Freshlay Farm To Fork- a success story

Freshlay-Farm To Fork is the first innovative business startup in Pakistan that enables people to purchase fresh fruits and vegetables straight from farms. Whether a farmer or a producer, both can gain from selling their products through this innovative online platform called “Freshlay”.

The primary objective of this creative business concept called \”Freshlay\” was to address some of the major issues that the Pakistani agriculture industry was facing, such as; improper supply chain management, wastage of fruits and vegetables, unhygienic methods of growing fruits and vegetables, and the exploitation of Pakistani farmers. The only root cause of all these massive issues in the middle links which include brokers, wholesalers, and retailers.

Freshlay observed that the main cause of high prices in Pakistan is the sale of fruits and vegetables through middle links, who acquire them in bulk at low prices from farmers and producers and then sell them to customers at high prices.

Furthermore, disorganized middle-link methods, such as; inappropriate transportation of fruits and vegetables and inadequate storage facilities, resulted in more than 50% fruit and vegetable wastage. To maintain quality standards, Freshlay preserves fruits and vegetables using ultrasonic technologies and procedures, ensuring that the quality of the product is protected.

Freshlay is built on the \”Farm to Fork\” idea, which entails purchasing directly from farmers. This benefits Pakistani farmers because we provide a 15% premium over market rates to the farmers, allowing them to increase their earnings.

  • The first and most significant issue in developing this platform was that middlemen were disseminating false information about them, leading to a negative image among farmers, producers, and buyers.
  • It was not easy to launch an innovative startup in Pakistan because the country lacks a proper startup ecosystem, which created another obstacle for “Freshlay”.
  • IT professionals, specialists, and programmers were unprepared for such a startup business, which created another hurdle for “Freshlay” to launch.
  • Another challenge for Freshlay was to convince customers to buy their products because it is difficult to convince people to buy, vegetables, and fruits online since so many people purchase handpicked fresh fruits and vegetables.
  • Freshlay also had to cope with sufficient financing and capital investment, since it can not build such a platform with a functional system, website, and other smartphone applications.

Freshlay was able to survive in such a competitive market while dealing with all of the difficulties and challenges that they encountered. They have a smooth transition from one challenge to the next. One of Freshlay\’s most important objectives was to eliminate middle links, which are circulating false information about the company to farmers and producers, as well as creating a negative image in the minds of customers.

Secondly, Freshlay established a proper supply chain management system for their startup, which include system, websites, mobile phone applications, hiring the right people, proper storage, transportation, and delivery facilities. Furthermore, because there was no suitable startup ecosystem, we used bootstrapping to develop an excellent system for their startup.

They independently raised all of the capital and made all of the investments. In addition, Freshlay spent money on rigorous training of IT personnel, professionals, specialists, and other workers as they were unprepared for such a business launch.

Moreover, Freshlay was able to persuade and acquire the trust of clients since they advertised their company through exceptional marketing strategies. They pushed and advertised their product in such a way that farmers and customers could learn everything about their product and their unique selling point. They also have a lot of discount offers on their websites to attract clients\’ attention.

Any business\’s success depends on its ability to plan for the future. Freshlay, like all other businesses, has a set of plans in place to help them become more profitable and successful.

  • The most important strategy is to provide farmers with loans as well as the required farming tools and equipment, such as tractors. The team is eager to teach and train farmers to help them operate their operations more efficiently.
  • Freshlay is looking to improve its delivery service. They hope to develop a cart system in the future that allows customers to order a cart through the Freshlay smartphone app, have it delivered to their house, and then they can conveniently handpick fresh fruits and vegetables from the cart.
  • We are also planning to open physical franchises and stores for those who like to shop for fruits and vegetables in person.
  • Freshlay is also focused on expanding their business throughout Pakistan, with the goal of going international once they have established themselves on a national level.
  • Lastly, Freshlay is working hard to add new features to their smartphone applications, such as cooking games, and they hope to introduce new food recipes to their app.