Hostcry- a success story of an entrepreneur who started with nothing

Hostcry- a Web Hosting Service Provider Platform

The founder of Hostcry, Arsal Rajput, is an entrepreneur who started with nothing and has become a true inspiration to many.

Hostcry- a web-hosting service was started in 2018 by 4 university students. We were students trying to make life easier by providing a platform for people who are looking for web hosting in Pakistan but do not have enough resources. If you ever tried to buy web hosting in Pakistan, you know how hard it is to buy web hosting from a trusted company. You need to have a credit card/debit card or even PayPal which are hard to get in Pakistan for a startup. So, we wanted to give a platform where you can buy web hosting with Pakistani payment solutions like Easypaisa, JazzCash, Bank-transfer.

When we first launched Hostcry on the very first day we got our first client. Things seemed very easy at first. And we were getting some clients, We had no idea how to market our service or even how to price it. None of the businesses we knew had actually done this before so it was all new to us. We didn’t know what type of traffic we could attract and how much we could earn per month…not to mention the headaches of trying to keep clients and their money! It was not enough. We weren\’t making a lot of money and 3 of my friends decided to quit. It was very hard for a person to run a company single-handedly. But I stuck with it and kept it ongoing.

I was everything customer support, developer, social media marketer, everything that a startup needs even though it wasn\’t even paying for my food. And everything that I was making from Hostcry I was putting back on the company for advertising, SEO, blog posts. After 1 year of struggling, I hired my first full-time employee. The rest is just a story.

Hostcry was started out of a passion for web hosting and has grown from there. We have slowly been building this company from day one and have made several mistakes along the way. The most important lesson we have learnt is that there’s more to customer support than just giving you information. There’s an entire ecosystem surrounding your web hosting service which includes everything from marketing to pricing. Our goal is to continually improve and improve upon what we do for our clients, no matter how big or small they are.

In the near future, Hostcry will be expanding globally. We are already working on converting the website language to many other languages. We want to be the best place to buy web hosting all around the world. We are expanding our team by hiring more and more talented people. More customer support means more trust and more clients for over company.