The SquarePeg-success story of two uniquely different individuals with a common vision

The SquarePeg- Marketing Agency

The SquarePeg is the unruly, unconventional, and rebellious yet still loveable brainchild of two uniquely different individuals with a common vision – to move beyond traditional digital marketing practices to rather creating stories and experiences that are real, distinctive, and long-lasting. The SquarePeg is a digital inbound marketing company that in a span of 1.5 years has won the International Clutch Award for top B2B Company in Pakistan 2020 for specializing in providing top-shelf help and devising flexible and sustainable digital solutions. Also, The Square Peg has been ranked in the top 5 digital marketing agencies in Islamabad by Sortlist and in the top 30 out of 100 digital marketing agencies of Pakistan by the Manifest List. In 2021, the company’s website which is unconventionally bright and in-your-face was ranked in the 20 best digital marketing agencies websites by Priority Pixels UK, being the only one from South Asia. The company prides itself on telling a brand story in the most innovative, loud, and unique manner that not only guarantees recognition for the brand but also converts leads into real customers.

Zunaira Omar and Maliha Safiullah, the co-founders of The SquarePeg created the company in March 2020 after a year-long struggle of identifying market gaps, recruiting the best-fit resources for their team, crafting a plan and goals for their company and the different line of work they envisioned doing in an already well-established digital media market. Having worked for international companies, the co-founders were determined to bring their international experience locally which meant that even within the company and their teammates they intended to inculcate unconventional practices that would keep the creative passion alive while also generating maximum productivity. 

When setting up the company, the biggest challenges they faced were initially finding the right resources that aligned with their company’s vision followed closely by the challenge of convincing local clients about the most fruitful marketing strategy for their brand. The digital media market is an up-and-coming industry and is often misunderstood for being synonymous with creating graphics and buying followers and likes. What The SquarePeg does is explain to the client that if a marketing strategy worked for one brand, it’s not necessary that it would work for them and it devises an exclusive customized marketing strategy and plans for each client that not only establishes their brand but also connects with their relevant target audience, guaranteeing organic digital growth, engagement, and conversion. The company works on providing end-to-end solutions to clients and has worked on taking only a few selected clients that they can provide hands-on focused attention to their entire marketing plan.

When employed, The SquarePeg’s marketing strategies and plans for clients have produced beneficial results, and while retaining international clients the company has managed to make a mark in the local digital market as well with high-profile and some notable startups as well. Currently, The SquarePeg is expanding in terms of team and approach and is all set to take on more clients and diversify their profile even further. Furthermore, The SquarePeg is also set to continue its pro-bono work for charitable organizations and individuals when it comes to their digital marketing needs.