Kordovan Leather- a success story to inspire you to succeed

Kordovan Leather, the fastest growing young leather brand in Pakistan. Our story is a mix of highs & lows, I, Umair Arsalan (founder) having been into the armed forces and left during training & my co-founder is involved in multiple businesses & traveling. 

Spending the last twelve years of my life in Dubai, I found myself redundant during the COVID-19 phase in June 2020, which turned into a blessing in disguise for me, it made me realize how important it is in life to have something of your own.

Having been back to Pakistan & trying to figure out what I can do, as fate had it, I met our co-founder Mr. Asad Janjua through a mutual contact. Having the same vision and foresight, we cracked a deal in 5 minutes, keeping ALLAH The Almighty as a third partner, and started building our first flagship store in Malir Cantt Karachi, and launched our brand on the 25th of October 2020.

Since Malir Cantt is an enclosed vicinity with challenges of limited growth we had to think for a solution and we decided to go online, initially we had no knowledge about the e-Commerce business but that’s where the best of things started. Our effort to create good content and provide the absolute best customer support paved our path to success.

Business challenges are a must, but with challenges come opportunities for people like us who are always striving to find a solution to any problem. I and my co-founder focused all our efforts on learning digital marketing for social media as that is all it\’s about now. Our efforts to never stop learning bring about better changes in not only our business but in our personal lives as well.

We saw an opportunity & a gap within the well-known leather brands in Pakistan & brought about a new product in the market known as our KODO wallet, which was not only smaller in size & design but an absolute pleasure & joy to use. People not only loved our product but in the process, we also got tremendous appreciation in the leather consumer market, we are continuously working on improving our products and bringing innovative, cost-effective, and unique products in the leather consumer market of Pakistan.

One thought of mine that I would love to share with everyone is, Honesty, Integrity & Unbiased Fairness is what keep you leaps ahead from any individual & as a Muslim our faith makes sure that none of our positive efforts in life are left in vain or without reward.