How I Turned My Passion Into A Paycheck

A success story of a girl, Pirah Aijaz who started with nothing. Here’s how she turned her passion into a paycheck.

Writing is my passion and I have been writing since 2013 for various print and digital media platforms. In the beginning, everybody asked how I started the venture. Well, it’s a long debate. In 2013, I was doing Masters in Education, and at that time, I had no idea of writing blogs.  Honestly, I had never thought about it in my life before. But, the fact is, to get to the good, you have to trudge through the bad. Similarly, I’ve been through a lot in my life.

Back then, I still remember the time when I had no writing sense because of no reading habit. Even though I was a topper in my studies. My father (a renowned, gold medalist, journalist/author) scolded me to read books and newspapers to develop a reading habit because my brothers have been bookworms since childhood. I always wanted to be like them, yet I was zero because of poor writing skills. It seemed difficult to shape my dreams. Well, I got used to hearing advice and didn’t take anything seriously. I just wasted my time which was the actual time of learning and exploring myself. Time flies and I did nothing. I thought that life would be so easy, but time has proved me wrong as I faced many challenges in my life.

Well, I started writing and whenever I tried to write a blog or anything in English, I got failed. Time passed with no progress which impacted my life and I started underestimating myself. Then one day, I got inspiration while reading (Womenshade Magazine), published from Pakistan, Quetta. It is a Non- Govt Organization, who works for women’s rights, and they release their monthly magazine with both English and Urdu sections. I decided to take a baby step by writing Urdu articles on women’s issues. I wrote my first article on “The status of divorced women in Pakistan”, luckily, it got published & they gave me the chance to write for their magazine.

Since then, I never looked back and continued writing for many print media platforms. I wrote on various genres and now I have several publications. I got much appreciation and it was an honor for me that I succeeded in what I decided. Later, I moved on to writing blogs in English for various digital platforms and bloggers’ communities. Meanwhile, I completed my M.Phil in Education.

I got applauded, but I was unsatisfied as I wanted to convert my passion into a paycheck. I was so inspired by women who work from home or manage their brands. Following them, I started doing efforts to work as a freelance content writer. This is true that success never comes over nightly. So, I had to work hard to accomplish my career goals.

In January 2019, I started my freelance career and got my first gig as a translator from a direct local client. At that time, I realized that your passion and skills can do wonders in your life. And here you will be surprised to know that I earned just 1000/- Rs from that task. But it worked for me as a motivational force and I decided to pursue writing as a career. Besides, I launched my website which is today an open learning platform for aspiring female writers through which I conduct online crash courses regarding content writing and freelancing. The aim is to help and empower women by developing content writing skills so that they can work in the freelance marketplace and, also they can create their online work opportunities.

Nonetheless, it’s such an incredible encounter of realization where dreams are en route to the real world. But, I regretted that I wasted the golden period of my life which was the best time of learning. Well, I believe that slow progress is also progress and small achievement adds up to big results.

For me, “Passion, Patience, and Consistency is the key to success”. And that’s what I have been following since the day I started my career as a Freelance Content Writer & Trainer. Still, the journey continues with great expectations in my heart for accomplishing my career goals.

 If you are just starting up, don’t ever think that you will receive your paycheck fortnightly. It takes time!