New Coronavirus Spreads, More Countries Tighten Borders

After the eruption of the new coronavirus spread, more countries have imposed travel restrictions and tightened the borders.

New coronavirus aka Omicron coronavirus kept spreading around the globe.

On Sunday, 13 cases were found in the Netherlands and two in Denmark and Australia.

Just after that, other countries tighten borders and have imposed traveling restrictions to move from one country to another.

According to Dutch health authorities, 13 cases were reported among people on two flights from South Africa to Amsterdam on Friday.

There were more than 600 passengers on the two flights and health authorities had tested all of them and had found 61 coronavirus cases.

According to Netherland’s Health Minister, “it could possibly be the tip of the iceberg”.

The new variant was discovered last week by the World Health Organization, the discovery has caused worry across the globe that it could affect vaccinated people as well.

Omicron Coronavirus Variant was first discovered in South Africa, it has now been found in Britain, Germany, Denmark, Australia, Netherlands, Belgium, and other countries as well.