Pakistan Is Set To Utilize Chinese Technology To Increase Organic Peach Production In The Country

China Economic Net (CEN) reported that Beijing mode is set to boost organic peach growing in Pakistan. The Chinese report had referred to peaches as the ‘queen of fruits’ in Pakistan and that the growing season occurs in May and continues through September.

Khyber Pakhtunkhwa’s Crop Reporting Service states that around 6,330 hectares are dedicated to peach growing in its respective provinces. Swat produced 5,280 tonnes of peaches in 2018-2019, while Peshawar produced 1,066 tonnes.

An orchard owner from Swat, Nasir Khan mentioned that peach is the main source of his income, stated the following:

“If we have advanced cultivating and processing technology, we can add more value to our peaches and export to other countries, he added.

In China, peach growers have begun utilizing the ‘ecological bridge’ project to accelerate organic growth, and for a country like Pakistan that has an ideal environment for growing peaches, this can enhance these fruits’ growth.

Gao Chengda, a professor of Urban and Rural Development College at Beijing University of Agriculture, added that “the Ecological Bridge’ project focuses on the resource utilization of agricultural waste such as fruit tree branches, livestock and poultry waste, and fallen leaves. We encourage farmers to collect agricultural wastes and animal wastes and use technical means to make high-quality organic fertilizers. Then we will return them to the fields orderly to realize the resource re-utilization.”

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