Spotify Removes The Car View Feature- Here’s Why?

It was confirmed in October by a Spotify moderator, who responded to a post on the company’s community platform, asking why the feature was absent. The moderator wrote: “We can confirm that we’re removing the car view feature.”
This however does not mean we don’t believe in improving how Spotify users listen to music while driving. On the contrary, we’re actively seeking out new ways to deliver a better in-car listening experience.

In the post, the author recommended using hands-free Google Assistant while navigating with Google maps, which will play music even if you are using Google maps. If hands-free Siri is also discontinued in iPhone, this can be done using hands-free Google Assistant.

Android users have expressed their frustration upon discovering the feature is missing and won’t be restored. Mobile users are only able to see a button that reads, “always pay attention to the road and abide by all traffic rules.”