Dr. Arif Alvi says, International Firms Eager To Invest In Pakistan

Dr. Arif Alvi stated that technical, information technology, and virtual online education are essential for sustainable economic growth and development. He further added that international firms are eager to invest in Pakistan.

The president said that the conference titled “opportunities to excel – now and in the future” held in Hayatabad on Thursday could help the general public take advantage of abundant employment opportunities in the domestic market and abroad.

Currently, the international, regional, and local markets demand speedy developments in IT, science, and technology, as well as contemporary online education,” he added.

According to Dr. Arif Alvi, international companies, including those in the IT sector, are eager to invest in Pakistan, so the country needs to develop skilled human resources to meet investor needs.

It is crucial that the country adopts an innovative approach, broadens its vision, and steers a paradigm shift in the educational system if it is going to achieve all its economic goals.

He said the standard operating procedures (SOPs) established by the government were both efficient and highly productive.

According to him, socio-economic imbalances and disproportionate distribution of wealth are the major factors behind poverty in developing countries, and these issues can be resolved with equality, justice, and merit in society.

Dr. Arif Alvi called for Identifying the global and regional market trends and making investments accordingly.

Moreover, he also talked about the need for entrepreneurs and businessmen to utilize IT platforms to explore new markets.

Originally Published in Express Tribune