UK Man Gets World’s First 3D Printed Eye

CNN reported that a British man from the UK became the first person in the world to receive a 3D printed eye at the Moorfields Eye Hospital in London.

The UK man, Steve Verze, 47, is an engineer from Hackney, East London. He got his left eye on Thursday, which is the first fully digital prosthetic eye made for a patient. The eye is more realistic than other alternatives and designed to offer “clearer definition and real depth to the pupil.

The procedure of fitting a traditional prosthetic eye would require taking a mold of the eye socket, but the process of designing a digitally printed one is as simple as digitally scanning the eye socket. 

In a recent press release, he said, “I’ve had a prosthetic eye since I was 20, and I’ve always felt self-conscious about it.” The Moorfields Eye Hospital said the procedure is less invasive and takes less time than a traditional prosthetic eye.

Moorfields Eye Hospital stated that the procedure was less invasive and fitting a traditional prosthetic eye would take only two to three weeks instead of six weeks.

Clinical trials on this achievement will begin soon with more patients. Professor Mandeep Sagoo, clinical lead for the project at Moorfields Eye Hospital and professor of ophthalmology and ocular oncology at University College London, expressed his excitement at this progress.