Samsung launches mobile phones production in Pakistan

Samsung, one of the world’s largest makers of mobile phones, has finally started production in Pakistan, lifting hopes among the authorities and industry for a significant reduction in imports in the months to come.

The development was revealed during a meeting with the company’s top managers and senators who visited the production site in order to get a briefing on the growing new sector and challenges awaiting Pakistan’s cellphones industry.

According to Faisal Subzwari, chairman of the Senate’s Standing Committee on Industries and Production, Samsung has officially started its production.

In addition to visiting Samsung’s production plant and an auto manufacturing plant, he also met with the management of the Export Processing Zone.

Mr. Subzwari said that he was pleased to see the company had started production within four months. “We visited the production facility, which was built on modern lines and obviously had the support of local industry and a conducive environment,” he added.

Pakistan has seen robust growth in the production of cellular phones. The Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) reports that the number of mobile phones produced by local manufacturing plants has almost doubled to 18.87 million so far this year.

PTA data shows that mobile phones worth $644.673m were imported during the first four months of 2021, compared to $557.961m during the same period last year despite the increase in local production.

Originally Published In Dawn