Wang Yuji: 11-month-old snowboarder takes the internet by storm

Wang Yuji- a young, 11-month old baby regarded as a snowboarder. She is the youngest of all the riders at a resort near Beijing, which is set to host the 2022 Winter Olympics in just a few months. The little baby is clipped into the small boots by her parents and padded out with layers of protective costume.

Once her parents let go, she swoops smoothly down the piste on her small board, giggling and flapping her arms. Unlike many clumsy newbies who struggle to stay upright, her bemused parents say snowboarding somehow came naturally to their baby.

Wang Yuji’s father said that he has been inspired to train as a professional snowboarding coach. While her mother told that they put her in the shoes and realized she could bring herself to stand…then they brought her to a gentle slope and watched her slide down, on the board herself.

Each morning since then Yuji has joined winter sports fans at the Thaiwoo Ski Resort in Chongli, Zhangjiakou – one of the hosting cities for the Winter Olympics.

Furthermore, Wang’s parents told, “if she had been afraid or resisted, of course, we wouldn’t have made her do the sport,” Fan adds. But once on the board, “she would pat her legs and start giggling, so we could tell that she’s not afraid at all and is enjoying herself”.

As Yuji is still too young to control her direction or speed, a nearby parent is always ready to snatch her if she veers towards an obstacle. “You’re doing great!” they call at her, jogging alongside their child.

Originally published in Express Tribune