Germany reports highest Covid-19 death rate in nine months

The number of deaths from coronavirus in Germany has reached the highest level since mid-February on Wednesday (Dec 1), with hospital officials warning that 6,000 people may be in intensive care by Christmas, above the level of last winter.

Robert Koch Institute, Germany’s state infectious disease agency, reported 67,186 new cases on Wednesday, up 302 from a week ago, and 446 deaths – the highest number since February 18, bringing the overall death toll to 101,790.

Germany reports the highest Covid-19 death rate in nine months. The seven-day incidence rate fell for a second day to 442.9 from 452.2 on Tuesday.

On Tuesday, Germany’s federal and regional governments signed an agreement to take action against the fourth wave of Covid-19, including stepping up the vaccination campaign and limiting contact, especially among the unvaccinated.

Originally Published In Independent