US Initiated 81% Global Armed Conflicts From 1945 to 2001

China’s Human Rights Group In A Report Blamed The Us For Repeatedly Waging Wars In Foreign Lands Under The Banner Of “Humanitarian Intervention,” And Added That From The End Of World War II To 2001, It Has “Initiated 81% Of Armed Conflicts In The World.”

In A Report, “Severe Humanitarian Disasters Caused By Us Aggressive Wars Against Foreign Countries,” The China Society For Human Rights Studies (Cshrs) Said That The Us Foreign Wars Have “Caused Massive Loss Of Military Lives, Serious Civilian Casualties As Well As Property Damage, Leading To Horrific Humanitarian Disasters.”

“The Selfishness And Hypocrisy Of The United States Have Also Been Fully Exposed Through These Foreign Wars,” The Report Alleged.

Among The 248 Armed Conflicts That Occurred In 153 Regions Across The World From 1945 To 2001, 201 Were Initiated By The #Us, Accounting For 81% Of The Total Number.