How Would AR, Particularly In Real-Time, Change The Future Of Video Calling?

For many, video calls have become a familiar, if not constant, part of our daily work and personal lives. Whether it’s a virtual happy hour with friends from around the country or a family check-in, there’s a good chance those interactions are happening over a video call. 

Early in the pandemic when we became more reliant on video calling to power our social interactions, we recognized the opportunity to re-imagine the experience and improve it, changing the way people use video calls across a variety of contexts. 

At Meta, we believe video calling can and should be more personal, more connected, and more human. One of the ways we’re approaching this is with the introduction of Group Effects: Interactive, real-time augmented reality (AR) effects that invite people to share moments together through collaborative experiences. 

To activate an AR effect on one screen, transform, and interact that effect between screens and people on a video call, is a new AR experience that creates a shared connection the feeling we get when we’re actually in the same room with other people, seeing something unfold before our eyes.