Meta Describes How AI Will Unlock The Metaverse

Mark Zuckerberg wants to lead the charge in the emergent metaverse with his company, Meta (formerly Facebook). The recently concluded Meta event titled “Inside the lab: Building for the metaverse with AI” was another step in Meta’s quest to unlock the metaverse with AI, after its previous announcement that it was developing a record-breaking supercomputer to power the metaverse.

Experts have said that AI, VR, AR, blockchain and 5G will converge to power the metaverse, and Zuckerberg is keen on building several huge AI systems that will drive the nascent metaverse world.

“We work on a lot of different technologies here at Meta everything from virtual reality to designing our own data centers. And we’re particularly focused on foundational technologies that can make entirely new things possible. Today, we’re going to focus on perhaps the most important foundational technology of our time: artificial intelligence,” said Zuckerberg.