Nasa’s New Bird-Like Drones Could Unlock The Secrets Of Venus’ Atmosphere

NASA has recently announced a series of futuristic space technology concepts that they have selected for further development. The concepts range widely in design and purpose but do include an interesting bird-like inflatable drone that could be sent to Venus to study its atmosphere and weather patterns from afar.

The bird-like drone forms part of NASA’s Innovative Advanced Concepts (NIAC) program whose purpose is to fund early-stage studies to evaluate technologies that could support future aeronautics and space missions. 

“As we set our sights on ever more challenging destinations for exploration with humans and robots, innovative ideas and future thinking will be critical to helping us reach new milestones,” 

NASA’s Deputy Administrator Pam Melroy said. “Concepts like those being studied with this new round of NIAC funding are helping us expand the scope of the possible so we can make it a reality,” she added.