The World’s First “Infinity Train” Can Recharge Itself. With Gravity?

The race to decarbonize all industries is on. The race to decarbonize all industries is on. Australian mining company Fortescue and Fortescue Future Industries, which has acquired U.K.-based Williams Advanced Engineering, are joining forces to develop the world’s first Infinity Train: a battery-electric vehicle designed to transport loads of iron ore without ever needing to be charged.

The train will use the gravitational energy created on the downhill loaded sections of the iron or giant’s rail network to recharge its battery power systems, eliminating the need for additional charging on the return trip to reload.

“The Infinity Train has the capacity to be the world’s most efficient battery electric locomotive,” said Fortescue CEO Elizabeth Gaines. “The regeneration of electricity on the downhill loaded sections will remove the need for the installation of renewable energy generation and recharging infrastructure, making it a capital efficient solution for eliminating diesel and emissions from our rail operations.”

The Infinity Train will eliminate the requirement for renewable energy generation and charging infrastructure. According to Gaines, this will make it a capital-efficient solution for removing diesel and pollutants from Fortescue’s rail operations.