How NFTs Create New Opportunities In The Entertainment Industry

The non-fungible token (NFT) community Arabian Camels is making a $50 million Hollywood film called “Antara.” The movie makers recently announced a highly anticipated NFT drop for the project, which allows holders to partly fund the movie, own a share of digital rights and benefit from its box office achievements. 

This project is just a glimpse into what NFTs could achieve in the world of entertainment. Major industries like art and gaming have benefited from NFTs already, and recent developments suggest that the realm of entertainment could be next in line to receive a transformative blow from the NFT industry. 

NFTs in entertainment have the potential to completely transform the way films are made, produced, and distributed, democratizing this unilateral industry in the process. To understand this better, we go back to Arabian Camels’ Antara project. This big-budget Hollywood epic is one of the first films to be produced by the NFT community, demonstrating the concept of movie NFTs.