How Businesses Can Use NFTs To Boost Sales And Partner With Brands

Partner with local artists Singh encouraged business owners to reach out to artists, especially ones in their communities, to discuss partnering and making NFTS together. Create a loyalty program to increase worth Additionally, customers could also keep or sell the NFTS they purchased from businesses.

Partner with charities Singh said he often commissioned work from women and minorities to create NFTs that speak to sociopolitical issues, such as sexism. At the end of 2021, the marketplace for non-fungible tokens digital pieces of art tied to blockchain technology hit $41 billion, the blockchain data company Chainalysis said.

Behemoth companies took note and capitalized on NFTs last year. But you don’t have to run a big business to find lucrative opportunities with NFTs, said @artpatron , the founder of his eponymous NFT art gallery in London.