A Meat-Free World Might Be Possible By 2035

Patrick O. Brown, the founder and CEO of the meat-alternative company, Impossible Foods is confident that a meat-free world can be achieved by 2035. Impossible Foods believes that changing the dietary habits of individuals can have a greater impact on arresting climate change than switching to an electric vehicle or putting up solar panels on the roof. It is therefore on a mission to produce plant-based alternatives to meat consumers that they can use without compromising on the food flavors.

Estimates suggest that animals raised for slaughter now outnumber those in the wild by a ratio of 15:1. Put together, the meat and dairy industry accounts for close to 15 percent of global emissions and is one of the largest contributors. Switching to plant-based meats not only helps reduce emissions but also conserves land and water. Impossible Foods estimates that their plant-based burger uses 87 percent less water and 96 percent less land when compared to a burger sourced from an animal. It also reduces emissions by as much as 89 percent. 

Impossible Foods is not alone. Beyond Meat is another such company that believes in a future of plant-based meats, and aims to offer consumers the same taste and texture but with different ingredients. Earlier this year, KFC began offering plant-based meat alternatives across 4,000 outlets in the U.S., making it even more accessible for consumers.