Anxiety Can Be A Habit Which Means We Can Stop It, If We Know How

Worry and anxiety can establish themselves, through feedback loops, as actual habits, instead of being simply transient emotional states. People with anxiety disorders can try and prevent these habitual loops from developing by mapping out the sequence of thoughts, i.e. first, anxious feelings lead to these thoughts, then thoughts reinforce anxious feelings, and so on. 

Disrupting this flow can be the key, not only for breaking out of the anxious habit, but curtailing many other downstream affects of anxiety such as over-eating, poor sleep, and more.

“Fear plus uncertainty leads to anxiety, and that anxiety makes the thinking and planning part of the brain go offline so I would postulate that worrying is not only not helpful, it actually makes things worse because we can’t think and plan. If we change our relationship with our emotions we can stop feeding them, and at the same time when they do show up we don’t resist them, because that resistance is part of the feeding: what we resist persists.