Netflix Is Getting Three More Mobile Games, Including Its First FPS

Netflix has announced three more mobile games that you’ll soon be able to play on iOS or Android with a subscription to the streaming service, including the first FPS that’s available as part of its lineup.

This Is A True Story is an educational role-playing game created to “share a true story of a Sub-Saharan African woman’s daily struggle to get water for her family,” according to Netflix. The game was made by developer Frosty Pop in collaboration with Charity: Water. Shatter Remastered is an updated take of the hit brick-breaking game that first released on PS3 in 2009. And in Into The Dead 2: Unleashed, a hybrid FPS / runner game, you’ll have to survive waves of zombies.

This Is A True Story and Shatter Remastered will be available, while Netflix says Into The Dead 2: Unleashed is “coming soon.” Netflix has slowly been building out its lineup of mobile games since the program’s official launch in November, including the racing title Asphalt Xtreme and a League of Legends spinoff. And the mobile games are only one part of Netflix’s growing interest in games the company has acquired Next Games and Oxenfree developer Night School, released a trivia show, and is launching a daily trivia series based on the popular Trivia Crack brand.