Indaraj Consultancy

Pakistan’s First on-Demand Virtual Accounting, Financial, and Taxation Firm, providing an AI-powered cloud-based virtual manager backed by industry experts (CAs, CFAs, and others). Umer F, who has been a part of the eco-system for a time, has put his all efforts being co-founder and established Indaraj as one room which takes care of all your accounting, financial, and taxes needs while you’re on the go, whether you’re travelling or working on a business project. With our simple subscription options, you no longer have to pay the high fees that accounting professionals generally charge.

Initially, the co-founders had serious issues dealing with the registration and taxation processes, but because any success is determined by one’s ability to plan for the future, they devised a solution that later complimented one another, resulting in an AI-based cloud to handle these issues efficiently. After putting up all of the effort, the company began its operations in July 2021, after finishing beta testing. The crew, as well as the Akountmate family, grew with time.

When Umer F. joined the trip, he saw it as a challenge to make sure to go through major restructuring that focused on both the technology and human resources domains. The Indaraj team currently consists of resources with decades of experience in their respective fields. Indaraj has been officially powered by AWS for offering top-of-the-line security for your data that is conveniently available on the cloud, under the leadership of Umer F. Umer F.’s strategic thinking skills lead to Indaraj partnering with some of Pakistan’s most significant organizations, including the Pakistan Football Federation (PFF), Punjab IT Board (PITB), and Jazz.

So far Indaraj has expanded its offices to three offices in three major cities of Pakistan (LHR,ISB and KHI) and is planning for further expansion along with it’s 130+ clients. Indaraj is looking forward to working with industry behemoths and is in talks with a number of start-ups, including Careem. At Indaraj everyone is working really hard to link its system with NADRA, FBR, and SECP, resulting in a one-stop point. Recently, Indraj has won GIG economy startup competition. To achieve this goal, Indaraj under leadership of Umer F is working tirelessly with its team round-the-clock. Even though it has achieved much in a course of half a year, yet he dream to bring a lot in.