Bazaarghar: Pakistan’s First social commerce platform, adding “shopping main experience ka tarka” 

Social commerce is an emerging phenomenon across the world, gained momentum during COVID 19 pandemic and is witnessing an unprecedented interest and engagement across the globe. Vintega Solution, a startup formed in the year 2020, with the clear vision to promote social commerce in Pakistan and give online shoppers this brand new shopping experience. 

Asjad Abdul Lateef, founding member, Bazaarghar, describes his Dream of Bazaarghar as a platform that redefine the online shopping experience, support local languages, empower local entrepreneurs, aligned to local requirements, and a bridge between Conventional ecommerce, Social commerce and hyperlocal. Where a vendor can upload advertisement videos and even go live with a showcase option and customers can add product directly to their cart from the videos. Where virtual malls are created to support local businesses. 

The platform is fully operational with successful deliveries to over 311+ cities and 7 countries, available on Web, mobile web and mobile app. In addition to conventional ecommerce attributes, It offers social commerce solution, where vendor and customers can engage through our in app video advertisements and live stream features fully integrated with facebook to improve visibility and sales. The platform, being language independent, is designed to make it all inclusive, targeting the whole Pakistan against the current “English only” market places, targeting metropolitan cities

And our slogan defines it all that “ab shopping karega poora Pakistan”.