I’m Vivek Anand aka Slim Coder, I introduced Slim Coder to the world when I was listening to the best rapper of all time Eminem aka Slim Shady back in 2020, I started Slim Coder as a personal brand instead of using my name, because I was a very shy person back in 2020 and then started my brand with 0 Investment by creating a GitHub account with a low-quality logo which I found on the internet, and then started creating tech content on different platforms as Slim Coder i.e Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn, etc and now I’m a micro-influencer with more than 10K+ audience combined on all platforms. We have a team of more than 10 people working together to achieve our goals, which is to fix the education system and teach students computer skills globally now we are everywhere on all social media platforms.

Slim Coder is an EdTech Startup where we help students to learn computer skills (Full Stack Development, Graphics Design, Digital Marketing, etc) through our monthly basis boot camp programs or 1:1 meetings or with pay after placement programs and with our courses in the platform.

1) Bootcamp programs include (JavaScript, MERN Stack, Microservices, and much more). 

2) 1:1 meeting includes (consultancy, career counseling, hourly basis classes).

3) Pay after placement includes (Full Stack Development) with 0 Rupee Fees.

4) Platform includes (free & paid courses, free blogs, monthly subscription-based platform).