90% of the Seafood eaten in Pakistan is tainted claims WWF

According to The News, which cited a World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF) official, 90 percent of the fish consumed in the country is tainted, putrefied, and unfit for human consumption.

The evaluation was presented during a seminar titled “Blue Economy: An Avenue for Development in Pakistan” hosted at the Pakistan Institute of International Affairs by Muhammad Moazzam Khan, former director general of the marine fisheries department and technical adviser on marine fisheries for WWF.

Khan maintained that a significant portion of the fish sold in stores and on street vendors’ carts was unfit for human consumption. The seminar’s presenters discussed a range of topics, including Pakistan’s blue economy, difficulties it encounters, problems with marine fishing, and the socioeconomic advancement of coastal areas.

“Fish are very delicate protein item and putrefy very quickly if not iced or frozen as soon as possible,” Khan explained. “Fish are usually kept at the room temperature and sometimes at above 40 degree Celsius and vendors sprinkle water on them to make them look fresher and keep them from decaying. But they have already become unfit for consumption, yet people buy and consequently, fall sick.”

To keep fish from spoiling, he advised storing it between 0 and 5 degrees Celsius. The WWF delegate said that only 10% of Pakistan’s produce was exported, and the remainder was deteriorated or harmed because most boats lacked adequate deep freezers and other storage options for the catch.