Transportation companies have declared a worldwide wheel-jam strike starting today in protest of tax increases on things like income tax, token tax, and tolls.

Details indicate that van and coaster bus owners protested the rise in new vehicle registration fees and other high taxes by suspending the transportation operation as of the morning.

The Central Leader of the Transport Association, Rana Latif, launched a nationwide wheel-jam strike in a video message.

Furthermore, the capital value tax has been raised from one percent to two percent, according to Rana Latif. In case taxes are not promptly lifted, he also vowed to extend the strike.

The government, according to transport owners, raised the tax from Rs300 to Rs4,000 and Rs8,000. The proprietors continued, “After the enormous taxation, operating public transportation will not be possible.”

The government was also ordered by the transport owners to recognise the industry of public transportation.

In the meantime, the Public Transport Owners Association Khyber Pakhtunkhwa has declared a wheel jam strike today in support of the carriers of Sindh and Punjab, according to transporters association president Khan Zaman Afridi.

According to what he informed the media, the relevant authorities had previously levied a registration cost of Rs 700 per seat for major public transportation vehicles. The registration price, he claimed, had increased by Rs 8,000 per seat as a result of government action.