On social media, an Indian woman’s post about a Pakistani friend goes viral

On social media, an Indian woman’s post about her friendship with a Pakistani classmate has received praise.

The two are Harvard Business School students, and the photo shows them holding their respective national flags.

Sneha Biswas wrote that her friendship with a Pakistani student challenged her preconceived notions about the neighbouring country.

For decades, the two countries have had hostile relations.

Pakistani artists and cricketers have been barred from performing and playing in India. Bollywood films have been banned in Pakistan.

One user commented in support of the post’s message commented: “we built walls between each other and thus it’s up to us to bring it down.” Another user hoped that the two women would “share a lifelong friendship that may bring changes across the borders for girls on both sides”.

The post has received a lot of attention on social media in the week leading up to India’s and Pakistan’s independence anniversaries, which are on August 15 and 14, respectively. The independence of both countries is also linked to the Partition of India in 1947, which resulted in the division of India into India and Pakistan. The partition was one of the darkest events in history, experts say, and it sowed the seeds of animosity between the two countries.