Startup idea

The idea of digital innovation started back in 2015. Inspiration came from the constantly evolving world around us, and Digitrends was created to manifest the idea. We created a full stack development company to cater to all sectors’ digital requirements, including healthcare, technology, education, automotive, and finance industry. So far, we have built a team of 150+ engineers, developers, content, marketing, and design experts that help us grow higher and fulfill our dream every day.

Challenges you overcame

It’s well said that a smooth sea never makes great sailors. Every business comes with its challenges and demands focus and determination. Over the years, Digitrends has faced its fair share of hurdles, but I, along with my team, have conquered it all. When we started 15 years ago, digitalization was running at medium pace. Although digitalization was idolized by many but not fully accepted by all sectors. Industries like education, healthcare, and automotive were mainly running contemporary styles.

However, with covid came a new perspective, and full-time workers changed into freelancers and companies established on automation and digitalization. We started with an idea and have never looked back.

Current situation

Since the COVID pandemic has risen, the world has faced a massive shift in work patterns. Conservative methods are replaced with automated solutions. Hence, Digitrends found a way to promote their digital journey in an even better way. Over the period, I have observed the immense pressure of building digital solutions in all industries. The trend of digitizing work spiked in the education and healthcare industries.

We have built an electronic healthcare solution awaited to be launched in the US market. It will ease managerial and administrative annoyances for private practice owners and practitioners. The need to digitize the healthcare continuum has long been seen, and I believe it’s time for clinics to get 100% automized. So, doctors can focus completely on patient care rather than worrying about data backlog and patient return rate.

Future plans

A plethora of technologies are emerging and will soon improvise the technological atmosphere. With augmented reality, virtual reality, big-data-driven apps, blockchain, and many others, the world is more engaged through physical disconnection. The future holds an inevitable reality with visualization of the invisible objects, and Digitrends will surely be a part of it.