Little Feet

Fatima Mukhtar 

When I started my journey , I knew it was not going to be easy at any level .I had two choices, either to work for an organization or build on my own and cherish my passion . Naturally, carrying a passion for children in terms of teaching and taking care of them, I always wanted to be in the teaching and child care development profession. Initially, I did work for a few schools, but soon I felt my own talent was not being utilized and I feared becoming a slave to my own dream. Hence, I decided to take a harder road and began my journey. I started my own work from a very small arrangement and never looked back . Initially, I handled everything by myself, which paved the way to building a personal relationship with kids and their parents. Hence, my service became an intimate one rather than becoming restricted or uptight. With the passage of time, people started connecting with my organization. Volunteers started to approach me and very soon I was hiring young girls, providing them with teacher training and all working under one roof.

Every organization or company has an ideology of its own, and so did I, and that is individuality. The concept of “little feet” is based on individualism, as I am a strong believer and preacher of this idea that everyone is unique . We work with each child to create an individual out of them by helping them discover their own self in the truest and most creative ways.

Little Feet is a learning institute for early years  , preparatory programmes and after school programmes. We cater to and prepare children for grooming skills, discipline , early learning and education. Little Feet started as a home based childcare facility in 2014,   and with its growing success, it expanded to a commercial level in 2018 and emerged as a resourceful learning center for kids . 

I am extremely fortunate to have great team members, from teachers to marketing managers, from admin  to my childcare attendants . 

Little Feet also runs its own Teacher Training Programme for all staff members, and that is conducted by me.

My aim is to create a system with academics and personality development going hand in hand by letting the children and the associates be it the parents or our team mates explore new ideas , concepts, their strengths ,their weaknesses , ensuring them to improvise and be content with themselves .