TECHNUPUR “Transforming Business”

The foundation of our company is laid on the basic principle that “Our Clients are Our Partners” this drives the organization to keep the focus towards continuous process and product improvement.

TECHNUPUR’s valuation has increased as a result of this recent development investment in ERP Solutions, making it one of the most valuable companies in the world. TECHNUPUR provides the best all-in-one Made in Pakistan ERP Solutions around the globe.

TECHNUPUR has the following pillars:

  • Technu Product (Genial365 ERP, G-County pay as you go, Genial365 Partner)
  • TechnuSourcing – Under this, we provide consultancy outsourcing to corporate organizations across the world.
  • TechnuTrain – This Section is developed to train the fresh graduates as per the market requirement and also on corporate products.

TECHNUPUR thinks there is no such thing as a one-size-fits-all solution, we have implemented a rigorous policy of tailoring solutions to our clients’ needs and specifications. We have a better knowledge of our customers’ long and short-term initiatives as a result of this vision, and we conclude that the majority of organizations are having issues with cloud-based automation solutions, which we cover for both the B2B and B2C markets.

TECHNUPUR Experience:

TECHNUPUR has 5 years of core experience in developing ERP cloud-based solutions and has skilled Functional Consultants who have built processes for many businesses and have experienced Tech Personnel to develop.

After working for different international organizations in different senior sales, marketing, operational, and IT Roles, we thought about becoming our bosses back in early 2018. We began as an IT service firm, but as we grew, we moved into the entrepreneur world, where the majority of our clients came from.

TECHNUPUR’s digital transformation mission is to assist businesses in launching new initiatives, allowing them to take advantage of innovation and technology growth.


Every business goes through a financial roller coaster in the beginning, and we had our fair share of issues there. To put it all into perspective, TECHNUPUR is aiming to compete and eventually win the market for Digital Service Solutions.


Before entering the market, you must first understand what value you want to bring, and TECHNUPUR has impressively grasped all of the prerequisites.