How Zeeshan Jalil has transformed his company’s business strategy from a manufacturing model to an agency model.

Focus on your strengths rather than your flaws, and polish them to the next level. Team up with people who are strong in areas where you are lacking.

Zeeshan Jalil

ECOMFLEET is the tale of a mindset that believes there are no limitations to what they can do, and so withholding this inspirational statement in mind: “Even the sky is not the limit.” This mindset has expanded its range of aspirations from being in the cutlery industry and manufacturing knives, penknives, and other cutlery goods to giving services to Amazon and from there strived to build bricks for EcomFleet.

Zeeshan Jalil, the brain behind EcomFleet and its CEO, has transformed his company’s business strategy from a manufacturing model to an agency model. He always had the desire to accomplish something significant that would leave an imprint on the industry. Success has extremely varied metaphors for him: “Success has different synonyms for different people.” For him, success means that people must remember you after you depart this planet. His voyage is quite enjoyable for him. According to science, you feel happy for 40 minutes after accomplishing something. “Your happiness is the key to your success.”

Starting from nothing to providing specialized Amazon consultancy to businesses seeking expert eCommerce advice and insight has been a long and roller-coaster ride for Zeeshan Jalil. He envisioned launching a business at Amazon and growing his own brand. This motivated him to research Amazon. In the beginning, he had no clue as there were fewer platforms online that were offering guidance about Amazon. Long story short, he was able to locate an Amazon basic learning course for $1 because it was offered at a discounted price on Christmas days. The following step was to make a credit card payment. Zeeshan was going through a rough patch in his life and didn’t have his personal credit card. He sought out his friend’s circle, but no one believed him and aided him. He did not give up and continued to ask folks. With God’s mercy, a client agreed to purchase that membership for him after some struggle. That proved to be his stepping stone into the Amazon realm, and he hasn’t looked back since. He began studying Amazon and devoted himself entirely to knowing its dos and don’ts. He successfully completed the course, put it into practice, and chose the training afterwards.

At this point in time, Zeeshan handed over his manufacturing business to his partner and started training 3k to 4k students who had the urge to learn about wards something big and moved into a metropolitan city i.e., Lahore to experience their luck. They just had the living finances for one month. He along with his partners had left everything and with Allah’s help, their struggle started becoming fruitful. Moreover; along with building his own business, he also had an urge to do something for other people and help people in his community as well. He put it this way, “I always wanted to do something for myself and my family. I never wanted to waste my life. When I stepped into the Amazon field then I realized that I should not only work for myself but for others as well. Hence, that training model was a pearl in that string. Then I went to the senior level and helped others. When I help others, I learn it from them and in this way learning never ends. We must spread knowledge, it’s mandatory.”

This is how they jumped towards the agency model and shifted their office to Lahore. Hence, they maintained a cheerful attitude throughout their voyage and ignored negative criticism. Every problem has a solution, and they remained committed to figuring out how to solve it.

Today, EcomFleet creates beautiful brands and helps Amazon Sellers to Dominate the Marketplace. With more than 4 years of knowledge and expertise in selling on Amazon and consulting others, they have helped over 140+ Sellers succeed and build a long-term business. With an expert team proficient across various areas of Amazon, their vision is to provide hassle-free and cost-effective solutions to their clients and make their businesses bigger and better.

Zeeshan Jalil, while summing up the EcomFleet’s journey, revealed the secret to his success: “every person has a different reason to get motivate. Focus on your strengths rather than your flaws and polish them to the next level. Team up with people who are strong in areas where you are lacking. Accept that no one can know everything.” This is how he created the startup of his dreams and remained focused on his goals.


  1. Learn for FREE: Google and YouTube are great places to learn for free. These two are your best friends on the internet. You owe them the information, and they owe you the time.
  2. Paid Learning: Nothing comes for free. You can learn for free up to a point, but to advance to the next level, you will require paid learning assistance. Paid can be in the form of time, money, or a combination of both. Participate in the best courses available and learn from them. Paid courses by industry experts are a great way to build new skills in relatively short period of time.
  3. Learn by practicing: Start putting what you’ve learned from Google and YouTube, as well as paid courses, into practice. The only action that will offer you a particular direction.
  4. Learn from the Experts: You will become perplexed at some time and begin to wonder what you should do next. You’ll need someone who has already completed that step. He’ll teach you how to conquer your obstacles and go forward.
  5. Networking: This is one of the most important stages of success. Start networking with people who share your interests and with accomplished people in various fields for latest trends.