TECHNUPUR – A Vision based on Dedication

The wining strategy is that they make their clients their partners!

Behind every successful business, there is always an idea, a motivation, a hope and a dedication. These elements can transition any mere business into a successful entity. Most of the times, entrepreneurs are focused on generating capital more than their idea and the vision which leads to the vulnerability of their startup. However, it is a fact that success reaches to those who remain honest, dedicated and diligent towards the vision of their business and having such an attitude can lead to the unremarkable successful and an authentic standing in the market. Technupur is a depiction of one of such success story.

Technupur is a name of dedication that is based on the vision to provide their clients a satisfactory experience make them happy with their services. For them, happy customers & ongoing relationships are what they strive for. Technupur is dedicated to create a difference in Pakistan’s startup ecosystem and its utmost priority is their clients’ feed-back towards their services. Their basic principle, “Our Clients are Our Partners” is driving the company to the heights of success and aims to transform businesses with leading IT Solution Provider. They claim that; “We listen. We advise. We design, together.” If you want to know more about Technupur and the idea behind it. Here is an interview of team Technupur where they elaborated regarding their entrepreneurial journey.

From where did you get this idea? What was the key driving force behind it?

There is an apparent element that separates people in various eras of life. The right reaction would be entrepreneurship, which is the transformation of an answer into a possible business idea. It is the ability to translate a response into an innovation that distinguishes a common man from a business visionary. We have worked in sales, marketing, operations, and IT roles for a variety of worldwide companies. In early 2018, we considered becoming our own bosses and founded TECHNUPUR with the goal of “Transforming Business”. The goal of TECHNUPUR’s digital transformation mission is to support businesses in establishing the new initiatives so that we can benefit from innovation and technological advancement. There is always a turning point in one’s life that inspires someone to take action, and TECHNUPUR’s success story is one of them. The key driving force behind TECNUPUR was to do something big and to make a difference.

Tell us something about your initial entrepreneurial journey or narrate your business story and the hard work and dedication behind it.

We began as an IT service company, but as we evolved, we shifted our focus to the entrepreneurial world. It’s not simple to quit your job and establish your own IT firm, especially in today’s world. TECHNUPUR faced comparable challenges and decided to think outside of the box.

In the business world, the most important thing is to keep our team together and stay motivated. The team is the company’s most important and fundamental asset. We worked day and night to develop user-friendly solutions. It is natural for a person to feel down sometimes, but we always remain firm and stay driven to create solutions that are beyond the box.

There must be ups and downs on this journey. Narrate a few of them.

Someone cannot experience true happiness in life unless he has ups and downs along the way. In order to achieve something significant, we had to conquer several obstacles. Financial concerns were one of the challenges we experienced when starting our own firm. We also observed that there was a lot of competition in the industry. That was a severe depression, and as a result, we worked hard to make our solutions the finest on the market. To put it all into perspective, we want to compete in the Digital Service Solutions market and eventually win it.

What message will you give to Young Entrepreneurs?

Champions never lose and quitters never succeed. TECHNUPUR also wants to address to Pakistani universities that we need to focus on skills that are in great demand in today’s world. The majority of university graduates have no idea what
they have accomplished throughout their studies or how to compete in the digital age. We are also collaborating with universities to train students in advanced digital skills and to participate in Pakistan’s future transformation. TECHNUPUR is a firm believer that you must first understand what value you want to deliver to the market before you can enter it, and TECHNUPUR has impressively understood all of the conditions.