Three types of Twitter accounts? Official, paid & unlabeled.

Twitter product executive Esther Crawford revealed details about the way the social network’s new verification scheme will work on Tuesday, following the company’s acquisition by Tesla and SpaceX CEO Elon Musk in late October.

Some originally verified accounts will soon sport an “official” label, she said, while any user who pays $7.99 per month for Twitter Blue, the company’s subscription product, will sport a blue check mark. She did not specify what it will take to gain “official” status.

Musk, who is currently serving as Twitter’s CEO and sole director, has criticized Twitter’s original verification system, which gives a blue check mark, or verification, to notable users likely to be impersonated by bad actors.

Blue checks originally went to verify the identity of government officials, politicians, celebrities, some journalists, executives, medical professionals and organizations whose identity the company had verified. Musk himself has benefited from having the Twitter verification check mark. So have myriad journalists, including at CNBC.

Historically, the blue check mark let other Twitter users know that an account on the social network, and its contents, were coming from the individual or organization shown on that Twitter profile. At least some users whose accounts sported the verification mark had to provide the platform with personal info such as employer information, a phone number, or a copy of their driver’s license for identity verification.