50 Entrepreneurial Ideas Generation Cover-19

The past few months haven’t been easy on the world. Termed as a global pandemic by all recognized health organizations, COVID-19 first came to light in Wuhan in December 2019. Since then, it has spread through all parts of the world with more than 11.3 million confirmed cases worldwide that have resulted in 532,000 deaths by now. Needless to say, this virus has shaken humanity to its core. Despite all the technological advancements in healthcare since the past few decades, no health institution or organization has yet been able to come up with a vaccine that can effectively save us from the COVID-19. 

On a somewhat positive side, Mr.Javed Chaudhry, a well-known Pakistani columnist, and motivational speaker talk about how these worldwide lockdowns have paved the way for new entrepreneurial ideas that you can benefit from both, during, and after the pandemic. What are those ideas that you can convert to business startups and be a successful entrepreneur? He mentioned 50 of them, let’s have a brief overview of each: 

1- Hair Combs In Alphabets

According to Javed Chaudhry, this is one of those business startups that you can focus on as the COVID-19 has forced the world to be using their own personal items and not sharing them with others as a precautionary measure. You can get into the manufacturing side of hair combs and hairbrushes with alphabets or customizable names on it, where letters can be added or removed in order to make the item a ‘personal belonging’ of one specific person rather than a generic item that was used by all the family members prior to COVID-19. 

2- Manufacturing of Disposable Masks & Gloves

Disposable masks and gloves are one of those items that are going to stay among us for a long time now. And since, according to WHO, this virus may never really go away the need for the protective gear will never go away either. Get into this business today and enjoy success. 

3- Virus-free Stationary

You will be listening to this term ‘virus-free a lot now. Since the world can’t remain under an indefinite period of lockdown for too long, the educational institutes will reopen at some point. China and some other countries have already reopened their schools and colleges with strict SOPs and guidelines. 

During this, Mr. Chaudhry says it would be a good idea if you can get into the manufacturing and distribution of stationery items like pens, pencils, calculators, sharpeners, etc. that come with a little disinfectant spray or sanitizers attached to them so that you can regularly disinfect the item before each use and keep yourself safe from the virus. 

4-Electric Heat Warmers

Since the COVID-19 virus is known to travel through clothing items, people would now want to remain virus-free by giving electric heat to their clothes and socks before they wear them. You can start manufacturing and selling electric heat warmers at competitive pricing in order to gain a foothold in this sector. 

5- Virus Killer Microwave

Similar to an electric heat warmer, you can also startup manufacturing microwaves that can effectively kill viruses by creating steam up to a certain temperature. You can put your clothing items in it before you wear it for work or school. It can become a high on demand item in no time. 

6- Virus-free Tissue Papers

The world will not be just needing tissue papers, but ‘virus-free tissue rolls that give a sense of safety and security to its buyers. You can get into this line of work and start making good money. 

7- Reusable Tissue Papers

It is estimated that the world’s demand for reusable tissue papers will go up 8 times than it was before the virus outbreak. This is the perfect time to get into the manufacturing side of this specific item. 

8- Electric Bag

This is another idea that can yield good profits in the near foreseeable future. Just create a unique electric bag that operates from rechargeable or non-rechargeable batteries and people can use it to put their items in it while they are not using those items. When switched on, it can make those items virus-free completely and safe to be used the next time. 

9- Personal Protection Kits

According to Mr. Chaudhry, you will be seeing coronavirus protective kits a lot more now. Whether at home, work, or school there will be an increasing demand for these protective kits that you can start manufacturing with your own brand today. 

10- Virology Literature

This is something that can result in huge success in a relatively short period of time. You can compile COVID related information in books, magazines, pamphlets or pocket-size books that people can carry with them, especially kids. Start printing and selling these today to earn good money. 

11- Virology Syllabus for School

Since we need to teach our younger generations a lot about the virus and adopt a certain lifestyle to protect ourselves from it, you can start printing reading material that is fun, engaging and informational for young children. Link it with a Youtube channel to monetize it as well. And you also can then sell this to schools and colleges under your own brand. 

12- Alchohol Swabs

You can create alcoholic swabs with which people can clean their table surfaces, laptops, mobiles, bags, etc. This is a product that is already in demand since lockdowns are being partially removed in different parts of the world. 

13- Virus Repulsive Pads

Just like swabs, you can also get into the manufacturing of virus repulsive pads and repellants that people can use to clean their surrounding items and everything that they come in contact with. 

14- Bio Masks & Gloves

The world is going to be needing a lot of bio masks and gloves that keep you safe from the coronavirus. You can start a small business set up right away and launch your own branded bio masks and gloves. 

15- Virus Info Pages On Social Media

Since the past couple of months, a lot of people have been spreading misinformation over various digital platforms  social media being at the top of the list. You can create your own social media page today on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter, where you can talk about the latest updates on the COVID-19 using authentic sources and references. 

16- Organize a Training Workshop

If you believe that you can attain certain skills, precautionary measures and guidelines regarding how to keep one safe from the coronavirus, you can start with your own YouTube channel or online workshops that you can conduct at schools or offices so that people can also learn about it. 

17- Immunity Foods

Since day one, we have been hearing about this virus and the immunity levels of people that has a vital role to play the higher the immunity of a person, the lesser the chances of getting infected. We will be seeing a lot of food items in order to improve our immunity systems. You can also get into this side and come up with innovative food and beverages ideas that can help grow immune levels in a person. 

18- Antivirus Tea
You can start manufacturing and selling a special kind of tea or coffee that can help fight the virus and keep you safe from it. Tea and coffee are those beverages that is consumed by billions all around the world. This idea can certainly result in great success. 

19- Organic Herbal Soap

We will be seeing a lot of organic herbal soaps and other toiletries that will prevent you from getting infected with the novel coronavirus. This is a business opportunity that you can grab today and make it fruitful in relatively less time and effort. 

20- Liquid Hand Wash

It is known that use of soaps in public places will be eliminated in near future due to them being a possible carrier of the virus. These soaps will be replaced by liquid handwash that you can start manufacturing today to meet the growing demand in your city or region. 

21- Alcohol-free Hand Sanitizers

Initially, it was believed that alcohol sanitizers are one of the best ways to protect yourself from the virus. However, prolonged use of these items can result in skin allergies, which is why you can begin manufacturing or distributing alcohol-free hand sanitizers today that will yield good profits. 

22- Antivirus Spray

You can get into the business of antivirus sprays and repellants that can be used at home or in office environments with a nice fragrance added to them. These items will be in high demand as soon as the world reopens. 

23- Energy Booster Page

Using various social media platforms, you can create health-related pages that talk about boosting your energy via the use of a specific diet or overall routines. These pages will get good public outreach in near future. 

24- Workout Apps

Gyms were one of those places where the virus first spread out quickly in various parts of the world and hence, might not reopen anytime soon. This gives you a reason to come up with fitness and workout apps where you can talk about fitness regimes and programs that you can start doing at home. 

25- Mental Health Pages

According to psychiatrists and psychologists, there will be a global increase in mental health cases due to the COVID-19. You can start with your own mental health social media page today and talk about mental health awareness, especially in underdeveloped part of the world where mental health issues less talked about and highlighted. 

26- Virus Detection Kits

We are now also going to see a difference in the way those emergency tools and first aid kits will be manufactured. You can conduct some research on this, start manufacturing these kits and supply to healthcare departments and even households. 

27- Database of Doctors And Patients

Another great idea during these times could be to collect and build a database of doctors and patients, and provide this to the relevant people and organizations in return for a certain price. 

28- Online Pharmacy

In most parts of the world, the delivery business has seen a rapid increase since we are advised not to physically visit a store or a restaurant unless necessary. This leaves a huge opportunity in setting up an online store for medical goods and supplies that can be delivered at the doorstep. 

29- Online Apps for Doctors & Patients

This is another business opportunity that can leave you good money. All you have to do is to bridge the gap between doctors and patients through a digital platform, most preferably an app. This will have high demand in near future. 

30- WhatsApp Group for Doctors & Patients

Create various Whatsapp groups where you can add doctors and patients where professional advice can be given by the doctors. Once the initial Q&A is done, the patient can leave the group and be replaced by a new one. Patients can be charged a commission for this and this can result in a smooth, stable income for you during and also the post-Covid-19 times. 

31- Full Medical Ambulance

Invest in ambulances that can have the basic COVID-19 related medical items in them. Yes, this will be a substantial investment, but you can earn good money if you know the right channels to market these vehicles. 

32- Medical Rooms

In the real estate and housebuilding sector, there will be an addition of ‘medical rooms’ or quarantine rooms being added to houses, apartments and offices. These rooms will have adequate medical supplies. You can start providing services to create these medical rooms for property or business owners. 

33- Stair Lift

For elderly people, you can create certain stair lifts that they can use to travel between different floors of a building or a house without needing any human assistance. 

34- Separate Wazu Khana

You can come up with innovative ideas to set up wazu khana at mosques where worshippers can perform wazu without having to worry of catching any disease from any other worshipper in his surroundings. 

35- Ventilator Information Pages

We have been hearing the word ‘ventilator’ a lot since the past few months. We have heard, seen and read a lot about the shortages, the pricing and global trade of ventilators however, very few know what a ventilator really is. You can start with an informational website or a page that gives information about a ventilator. 

36- Ventilator Repairing

Since there is an increase in the global demand for ventilators, there will be a need for repairing and maintenance of these ventilators, too. You can attain relevant skills and training in order to launch a business that provides ventilator repairing services to medical institutions. 

37- Medical Nurse

After getting nursing training, you can get into the nursing business and earn a stable income. 

38- Portable Ventilator

You can import portable ventilators under government allowed programs and start providing these items to places at a certain price. 

39- Ventilator Set up

You can get into the ventilator production business as ventilators are already in high demand worldwide. The government is also giving tax relaxations on such factory setups. 

40- Ventilator Hospital

Setting up ventilator-only hospitals can be a fruitful business in near future. We have seen how hospitals have been overcrowded since the past couple of months when there was a surge in COVID-19 cases. These ventilator-focused hospitals will fulfill the needs of a community and also give you a good ROI. 

41- Import of Ventilator

Start importing ventilators and meet local demand by selling them at competitive, market prices. This can certainly give you good returns. 

42- Import Small Size Ventilator

Small-size ventilators are also in high demand already, since every hospital or other setup might not need full-size ventilators. You can start trading in this and end up with decent profits. 

43- Air Purifier

The air purification business will see a rapid increase in the coming months and years. You can invest in either importing or manufacturing these purification units today and find the right marketing channels. 

44- Virus-free AC

Air conditioners were believed to be one of the major sources through which the coronavirus traveled from one place to another. Hence, virus-free air conditioners are what the world will move to now be part of this industry today to make a good fortune. 

45- Virus-free Filters for AC

With the increase in demand for virus-free air conditioners, the demand for virus-free filters will also witness a parallel increase. You can certainly get into this business, too. 

46- Personal Hair Cutting Kits

You can start manufacturing and selling personal haircut equipment at competitive prices so that people can carry their own kits when going to a hair salon. 

47- Sanitizing Walk-through Gate

Since the lockdowns have been partially eased down, you might have already seen the walkthrough sanitizing gates and virus showered tunnels at the entrance of numerous public places. This is going to be a huge business in the near future. 

48- Home & Office Sanitizing Service

You can also get into the services sector by providing sanitizing and disinfection services at home, offices, schools, restaurants, etc. This business is on boom in most parts of the world already. 

49- Portable Sanitizing Traveling Kits for Air Travel

Another good opportunity is manufacturing or distributing portable sanitizing kits for travelers around the world. Since air travel bans are being slowly lifted now, people and health departments would want utmost precautions when it comes to air travel. 

50- Travel Agency

Start giving out information about virus-free places that people can visit after taking all the necessary precautions. Travel business is affected now, but it will surely come back to normality in near future. 

Yes, these are undoubtedly tough times for the whole world however, we need to constantly remind ourselves of looking into the positive side of things and how we can give something back to our community, country and humanity as a whole. This is the perfect time for you to sit back and jot down the various business ideas that are worth giving a shot at.