A New Artificial Human Arm Is Moving Prosthetics One Step Closer To True Bionics

CEO Tyler Hayes of startup Atom Limbs which is making the “world’s first truly artificial human arm: the Atom Touch.”

“The Atom Touch is what we call an artificial arm. It will act much like a regular arm, restore a near-full range of motion, enable individual control, be comfortable to wear all day, restore a basic sense of touch, and be considerably more affordable than leading prosthetics today,” said Hayes. 

“The Atom Touch connects to a wearable device we call the cuff, which is itself connected to a shirt. These have a built-in brain-to-computer interface that detects signals from the user’s body including their residual limb to control it. This means the arm is non-invasive and truly wearable.” 

Hayes explained that his team’s long-term goal was for the artificial arm to act exactly like a real arm. “Of course, it’s not quite to that level yet. We don’t invasively link directly to your nervous system, though that may be necessary to restore full sensation, for example, down the road,” he added.