A New Study Reveals Long Covid Symptoms Include Memory And Concentration Issues

A recent study published by researchers at the University of Cambridge has found that seven out of ten patients affected with long COVID face memory and concentration problems that aren’t getting much attention.

Loss of smell and taste, breathlessness, fever were defining symptoms of COVID when the disease first appeared on the global stage. The risk of a rapid decline in the health of an infected individual led to clinicians prioritizing those with severe symptoms. 

Individuals whose symptoms did not warrant hospitalization were asked to stay at home and recover. However, in either set of patients, there are many who continue to live with symptoms of COVID for months following the infection, a condition recognized as long COVID. 

Even the World Health Organization is unsure how long the condition can last. In a post last year, the health organization suggested that the condition could last from as little as three months to as many as nine months while stating that further studies were needed to understand the condition better. 

Amongst the symptoms of long COVID, the most common three are shortness of breath, cognitive dysfunction (brain fog), and fatigue.