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Design Kalakaar is a startup company whose origin is Graphics. Design kalakaar not only increase the number of skilful Graphic designers in Pakistan but also train them to be a better version of themselves.

Design Kalakaar Splits into three Modes.

  • Digital Kala:

As learning sometimes become boring we are building up a Web Portal (DigitalKala) where anyone can learn Graphic designing through Games. Games are leveled up with Basics elements and principles of Designing to Advanced illustrations and Concepts. 

  • Kalakaar Trainings:

In this mode Design Kalakaar is giving Graphic designing trainings through different courses. In this mode our target audience are Schools, Institutes, Universities, NGOs, etc.  Design Kalakaar not only give lessons about graphic designing but also give professional trainings to be professional.

  • Designer Kalakaar Community:

Design Kalakaar is building up a Community for Graphic Designers where they can interact with mentors and clients through webinars, sessions, seminars, workshops. And also they can get free access to exhibitions, contests and competitions. Designers will be trained for their professional and practical lives whether they want to do job or start their own business. Highlighting designers to the world is one of our main motive.

  • Listing ID: 12253
  • Founder Name: Rida Ayub
  • Year Founded: 2021
  • Social Media Link: http://@designkalakaarr
  • Problem Your Startup is Solving: In this modern digital world where everyone wants to communicate through the language of creativity, Graphic designers are the ones who make this language possible in digital era. Designers work at the intersection of [cultural] trends; their problems are among the key problems of the overdeveloped society. Designers not only create useful products and images, but they also produce and reproduce cultural meanings through those products and images. Aesthetically pleasing, professionally designed graphics will cause other persons to form positive opinions about your product, service, brand or even a society.
    The largest portion of Pakistan freelancing community is Graphic designing, which is around 40%. We make the world’s 9% of graphic designers and earn $1 billion yearly. Looks a lot? Our neighbor makes 24% of World’s Graphic designing community and makes $400 billion. Now that’s a lot. This figure is almost as twice the figure compared to our earnings.
    According to a survey from this 40% of Graphic Designers, more than 30% Graphic designer are corrupted with plagiarism, overdue, happy-go-lucky attitude towards their work, stuck mindsets.
    Design Kalakaar Is going to empower the credibility of this Profession with not only easy and quick learning, but also train people with ethics of this profession. After the rate of 40% Graphic designers the quality work is questionable. Design Kalakaar helps people to learn graphic designing from the core and train them with professional values through Workshops, Seminars, Contests, Competitions, Learning sessions and webinars. Design Kalakaar not only train teen age group or above that but we also train School going kids to know about this amazing Skill and train them with moral and professional ethics that can help them in their future life.
  • Products & Services: Trainings, Community Building, Website Portal
    Membership fee payment:
    Training Course charged as 6000 Rs/- for two months where we teach them;
    Introduction to Design and Graphics
    Importance of Graphic Designing
    Basics elements and Principles of Graphic Designing
    Software Introduction
    Basic concept learning of Designing Software tools.
    Logo Designing
    Smart objects
    Banner Designing
    Icon Designing
    Basic Learning of Adobe Photoshop
  • Business/Startup Name: Design Kalakaar
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Gulistan-e-jauhar, block-13, karachiKarachi Show Phone Number [email protected] http://www.designkalakaar.com

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